Saturday, 6 August 2011

Introducing my new Saturday theme- '10 Things I learned From This Week'...

Well, here we have it, my ‘new thing’ for a Saturday, something you can have a quick brew, get dunking some digestives (mmmmmm, sooooo expensive over here, boo) to. From here on in, I shall be doing a ’10 Things I learned From This Week’ blog on a Saturday.

So, forthwith, I henceforth present to you all, 10 Things I Learned From This Week…

1 Sometimes, no matter how much you dust, there’s just always  dust…
2 I am not that brave, needles SCARE me.
3 I am losing lots of teeth-time to address, seriously, my diet, am I really eating as ‘well’ as I think?.
4 Sometimes people are just not nice, no reason behind it, they just aren’t.
5 Cats are ALWAYS hungry.
6 Ducks are SUPER cute, everyone should have one.
7 I will apparently die when my kids’ kids are old, Lola six-years-old logic.
8 Queen bees are gay, I saw 2 mating just last night.
9 It’s good to do things you would not normally do. Even if it’s just riding a bike!
10 You CAN survive 3 root canal surgeries in less than a week.

Right, be sure to pop back tomorrow for my ‘Thought For The Day’.

See you soon,

Tamsyn x

Friday, 5 August 2011

‘If you can’t beat them’ and you can’t, btw, it’s illegal, ‘then join them’

Esmie sits a baby wipe in ‘Time out’ for being rude. You see everything in this house, even the inanimate objects are rude. Thus the baby wipe, *gets it*. Funny, the role plays kids portray…Lola likes to wear ‘clocky’ shoes and play at cafes and shops and teachers…Mitzi likes to join in with most things, but likes to play ‘mummy’ with Esmie, pushing her round in a doll’s pram, making her go to sleep, shhhhhing her (thank goodness she then doesn’t start screaming hysterically in French as a last resort to get her to stay in bed-which worked btw…), and then giving her tea…Monty hunts down droids and General Greivous' ships, flying round combat style in the garden, stopping occasionally to chase, then rugby tackle, and pick up a chicken/duck, which he then releases when I come over threatening him with a light sabre telling him in a really good impression of Darth Vader’s ‘breathey’ voice I’ve come to fight him. I don’t have any idea how I just got onto that, *rereads* oh yeah, things kids do. Well, there you go, that’s what mine do.

Help, mummy's buried me, and then she turned on her heels and fled....

So I thought it would be a good idea to bring Lola to my dentist appointment, yeah 3rd in 5 days, 2 root canal surgeries, just to remind you later, I am back again, teeth still giving me jip, the Dentist is bamboozled. He had done the rot (*ooops, just seen typo!! Root...) canal the other day, it’s the last back top deck, so hardest to get to, I had my head suspended backwards during the whole thing, god I wish they’d have given me some gas and air, that was FUN! (In labour) Little bit weird, bit sick at first, but I got to like it. Anyway, off gas and air, before I knew it, he was anaesthetising my tooth again, and re-rootcanal surgerying…OMG As if? As if you go to the Dentist and have 3 root canal surgeries in 5 days two of them being on the same tooth. And what is worse it that it was completely unexpected, unexpected re-root canal surgery, again, I sigh, defeated, as if? At the end of the treatment he informs me very seriously that if this has not sorted it this time, he is going to strike me off his patient list and send me to another Dentist!…Goodo. But I did leave regretting the fact I had chosen to bring little Lola, poor thing, I couldn’t see her, she could see me though, and in every pause, I twisted my head round, grinning in agonising pain giving her a big thumbs up…her big smile returned and thumbs up makes it all alright-who needs a smiley sticker from their Dentist for being brave, when you get it in real life? Although, fair enough, not the most fun I imagine she’d ever had. So I bravely stagger, again, droopy eyed, numb nose, numb tongue, unable to move the right hand side of my face, probably dribbling, and I walk through the little town square first to pick up my DRUGS, painkillers, strong prescription ones, you can only take 2 a day, I felt cheated, psychologically 2 pain killers for the amount of facial pain I am at this moment in time in, DESPITE the anaesthetic, does not seem just…but there you go, 2 it is. *downs one* 

Lola loved it, hand in hand with her mummy, all by her big self. I take her into the Little sweet shop and tell her she can pick one for each of them. Binning my ‘no sweets unless it suits me’ policy for a minute, the look on her face was a picture, she was absolutely made up! So I hopefully made up for the traumatic time I had put her through.

The pain is now kicking in big time, my face is stiff and bloody sore. I was supposed to be going back tomorrow, but I begged him to have mercy, and he let me off till Tuesday, coz, to be really frank, I could really do with a little time off root canal surgery for a while…

Right, I am off to the Brocante tomorrow to get a seat for the bike my dad left me when he came out, and hardly got to use as it rained everyday! I am getting the seat so I can do something I have not done for probably over a decade-ride a bike. The kids love riding theirs, so as the saying goes ‘if you can’t beat them’ and you can’t, btw, it’s illegal, ‘then join them’, my philosophy is thus: I shall join them, put Esmie in a seat on the back of my bike, and shut my eyes and hope for the best go on a long bike ride with all the kids and my friend,  there are loads of specific tracks through forest and things here. I can’t wait! Although I am worried about getting back on the bike…

I’ll let you know how it goes,

Tamsyn x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

I want you ALL to read this please...AND DONATE!! Thanks in advance x

Donate, please, by clicking here:

On the 25th July 2011 Colin Stonehouse and Roger Hartley will begin a sponsored bike ride from John O'Groats to Land's End to raise money for two very worthy causes, specialist medical treatment for Colin's Niece Grace, and the local Mountain Rescue Team where Roger is a volunteer member.
Grace Murray is Colin's Niece and was born in January 2004 with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.  This form of Cerebral Palsy affects all four of Grace’s limbs, her speech and her rate of growth.  Although Grace will turn 7 years old in 2011 she still has the body age of a 6 month old baby.

Grace has been visiting a rehabilitation centre in Poland since 2008 called Euromed.

The specialist Adeli treatment is all private and no Government funding is received to help with the cost.  A month of treatment costs approximately £8000.00.  Since Grace’s first 4 week treatment in 2008, she has succeeded in holding her own head up, and after her second 4 week treatment even sitting up unaided.

The Euromed treatment has helped Grace so much, and her family would like to carry on attending the 4 week long treatment sessions twice a year.
Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team rely solely on donations and sponsorship for funding.  All members of the Team are volunteers and receive neither payment nor expenses for participating in training or incidents.

Originally many rescues were carried out by the Police, National Park Rangers and the employees of Outward Bound centres, but with the expansion in the use of the Moors as a leisure activity this became impractical.

The Scarborough and District Team was formed in 1965 with about 12 members, Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team currently has fifty active team members including doctors, paramedics, nurses and people with hillwalking and climbing experience.  Callouts come usually come from one of two sources - via a 999 call to the Police from a member of the public, or direct from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Each year they are involved in around 35-40 incidents of a wide-ranging nature.
All Team members are volunteers who are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Their main area is approximately 2100 square miles, our Northern boundary runs from Sandsend, near Whitby, to Helmsley then across to the A19, they have no formal southern boundary and have participated in incidents as far as Humberside.
The John O'Groats to Land's End Bike Ride is approximately a 900 mile ride taking 12 days.
By completing the bike ride in 2011, Colin and Roger hope to raise as much money as possible in order to reserve further treatment sessions for Grace in the years ahead, and to make a significant donation to The Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team.

We are looking to you for help in raising funds, and any sponsorship will be greatly received and split equally between both great causes.

Sponsorship can be made at The Station Inn, Whitby.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

So I guess you could say, that too much masticating makes you important…

The day had barely begun, and I was already giantly p*ss*d off, after braving the weekend as a dying soldier-toothache, don’t knock the pain till you’ve suffered it- I set off bright and early all by my little self to hunt the dentist down with a spear  as I approach the dentist’s door, I see a piece of paper with some scribble on, on no, this can’t be good, still it could just be a ‘back in five mins, had to rush a patient to A and E after I got a fright when I was drilling , and accidentally drilled their…’ And so on...It is, however not, not anything like this it is far, far worse, the note reads:

'Surgery will be open again tomorrow, thanks, *smiley face picture*’

This is a nice smiley face!
 Smiley face?? Really, a smiley face? Smiley face my big fat pie arse. Mine was certainly no ‘smiley face’…This means I have to wait another WHOLE day in pain I think might well finish me off once and for all…The world was not doing a smiley face on me this morning. Still, tepid soup, and water and the softest bread ever, is not too awful. However, I am literally masticating for hours at a time (2 hours to finish half a baguette yesterday). Masticating is an extremely tiresome task, I think we all tend to take the ability to masticate for granted. It’s really quite a difficult and painstakingly time taking, sometimes laborious task. It makes me feel a cross between someone with ‘issues’ (chewing, chewing, chewing) and someone very important-well, you don’t see James Bond downing burgers, now do you? That’s because he masticates s.l.o.w.l.y and purposefully…So I guess you could say, that too much masticating makes you important…

And the thank you on his note? Thank you what? For not throwing eggs at his windows, and posting dog poo through his letter box?

The whole day was spent in the garden yesterday, we were out at 9 am in the garden, ate in the garden (that which wasn’t ‘flap-attacked’ out of our hands by the ostrich chickens), and then got in the car to go 15 mins away to a friends’ to collect something, to the park to do park and bikes, and then to other friends to ‘hang’ for a bit. Getting in at 7pm, we down some marmite and cucumber and cheddar cheese sandwiches, THE best, and they teeth brush and bed, and sleep, out for the count at 8.30pm, result! Oooo, which reminds me of something too exciting, I have FINALLY trained Esmie, the whole bed thing and never staying in, wandering till 10 pm, remember? Well I do coz it’s been going on for MONTHS. I had a brain wave the other day, as I frequently do, although it’s usually waves of brain splodge, she’s out of bed again, I go upstairs, angry eyes, angry face, in place and tell her very firmly in French to get into bed and stay there…And do you know what, I have done it every night since, and she is a wanderer no more!! How remarkable. She maybe associates the French meaning business…?

Look at meeeeeee I'm swimmmmmming!

I am extremely pleased to announce, that I am sat here, now, drinking TEA! YEY! I can drink tea again, one whole week of tepid tea through straws was not fun (visions of Great Granny Tamsyn, tucked away in her old people’s home, being encouraged by well-meaning nurses to ‘sip up’ my tepid (because with shakes like I’ll have at that age, I risk scorching myself) tea through straws…Do you know what? I think I shall ask to be shot before I get to the ‘let’s put mum in a home’ point…!

So there we go, the Dentist root canal surgeried me again yesterday evening, all so I could drink my English tea!

Positive start to the day, the sun is sorta shining, trying to, so come on kids-OUT we go!!

See you tomorrow, Tamsyn x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Time Out...!

A little Esmie snapped in 'Time Out'...get that look!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Meanwhile, whilst I am under the drill...

Monty, Lola, Mitzi and Esmie are left in grandparental control for 20 minutes, whilst I am at the Dentist. Having missed my appointment the other day, I very coincidentally now have the start of an abcess in a back tooth…Not the one I was originally going about, which sucks. Meanwhile, whilst I am under the drill, 

Monty starts busying himself in a pile of mud in the garden...Mum asks him what he’s up to. A fair question as he is digging a pile of earth with his bear hands. ‘I’m just checking Granny Liz…..’ he pauses, he’s a few centimetres down, impressive, and turns to Granny Liz and says ’Yep, she’s definitely gone alright’. Enlightening Granny Liz that this was in fact Meg’s grave he had been digging up, he wanted to know if she’d still be there. I shan’t explain why…

A photo Alex took of me after entering the house post dental work....
Last week and all weekend I have plagued by tooth ache, I am sipping cups of tea through straws, unable to bear the agonising shooting pains of heat near whatever tooth it is which is causing me the grief. The dentist thinks he has spotted the victim, he anaesthetises my mouth and gets drill happy. A while into it, I am sitting there, well lying there, convinced I have a huge bogey up my nose, it is a weird sensation and I try surreptitiously to ‘wipe’, only the Dentist believes I am putting my hand up for him to stop, and it’s obviously not going to be the time I explain I think I have a big bogey up my nose, and would like to have a quick pick, so I let it drop, dying of mortification as he continues to drill. Then my right eye becomes somewhat droopy, and I have a weird uncontrollable half wink thing going on, and as I reason I am not having a stroke, I deduce it is the anaesthetic, although in the car I do briefly check in the wing mirror nonetheless, that there were no ranging bogeys. Thankfully, it seems to have been the anaesthetic. Funny thing that, no feeling in your nose or half the right eye. Pretty mortifying having to walk around like this too, I have no idea what I must have looked like, well I do, I had a numb nose, numb tongue, numb face and numb half eye, so not the best, really. Thank god I did not have to communicate verbally with anyone, numb tongue speech is not the easiest. I drive home people thinking there luck was *not* in, weirdo lady dribbling, semi winking at random passers by. And do you know what? Although it was a rotten tooth, root canal surgery later and another crown (yes the 3rd in 6 weeks) is needed, this was not evidently the one causing me jip. I have been drugged up to the eyeballs and back all weekend, and do you know what else, I actually genuinely fancied a glass of wine on Saturday night, but couldn’t. So unreasonable toothache. All I can do is drug myself, and wait for the dentist opening tomorrow to get myself seen to.

I am dreading my appointment, I am a whoos when it comes to pain, and I don’t know if you’ve ever had root canal surgery, but the next morning, as you wake up, you start to wonder whether you had a bad dream and sleep punched yourself in the face, or your husband has been ‘sleep wife beating’…Is that a real life syndrome I wonder? Then you remember it was the nasty dentist and his needles and tools.
I don't think so ducks...this is not in fact for your benefit....Quack off. (Minnie, Daisy, Posh and Beaks)

Saturday was spent at the beach, a lovely afternoon with friends, and the rains had stopped! Did you hear that? They did actually stop. So the kids body boarded, I dug, although the kids were totally unimpressed, I ended up doing it for the fun of it, as I do most things…Made some sand castles, hung out with the friends when they arrived, and sunbathed. He definitely had his hat on! Sunday I was agony, feeling sick, could hardly eat, so hibernated, feeling sorry for myself, then read on FB that my friend who I was with yesterday had been rushed to Dental A and E today…I hope what I have is not contagious…so anyway, I fell a bit selfish for making such a song and dance about mine…

Tomorrow I will be at the Dentist again, wish me double luck…

See you all tomorrow,

Tamsyn x

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Thought for the Day. Week 8...

This week I have had a few experiences, the 6th anniversary of my nephew Harry's passing on, being the most poignant....

Today though, I wanted to focus on compassion, as when the search for my cat this week opened up a barrage of abuse from a neighbour in a wheel chair, it got me thinking about this. Trying to explain to the kids was I had decided to read them a story to illustrate my point from my 'Buddha at Bedtime' kids' story book sent to me from my best mate Lena in England (love you lenes...!).
And this is what the Buddha had to say after the story:

"By keeping promises and being kind and forgiving, we make the world a better place for everyone. A wise person shows compassion for others, even when they have been hurt by them."

The kids enjoyed the story, and understood (most of them) the explanation, they at least, stopped crying for a bit!

And thus, you have it, my Thought for the Day. See you tomorrow

Tamsyn x