Saturday, 6 August 2011

Introducing my new Saturday theme- '10 Things I learned From This Week'...

Well, here we have it, my ‘new thing’ for a Saturday, something you can have a quick brew, get dunking some digestives (mmmmmm, sooooo expensive over here, boo) to. From here on in, I shall be doing a ’10 Things I learned From This Week’ blog on a Saturday.

So, forthwith, I henceforth present to you all, 10 Things I Learned From This Week…

1 Sometimes, no matter how much you dust, there’s just always  dust…
2 I am not that brave, needles SCARE me.
3 I am losing lots of teeth-time to address, seriously, my diet, am I really eating as ‘well’ as I think?.
4 Sometimes people are just not nice, no reason behind it, they just aren’t.
5 Cats are ALWAYS hungry.
6 Ducks are SUPER cute, everyone should have one.
7 I will apparently die when my kids’ kids are old, Lola six-years-old logic.
8 Queen bees are gay, I saw 2 mating just last night.
9 It’s good to do things you would not normally do. Even if it’s just riding a bike!
10 You CAN survive 3 root canal surgeries in less than a week.

Right, be sure to pop back tomorrow for my ‘Thought For The Day’.

See you soon,

Tamsyn x

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