Wednesday, 3 August 2011

So I guess you could say, that too much masticating makes you important…

The day had barely begun, and I was already giantly p*ss*d off, after braving the weekend as a dying soldier-toothache, don’t knock the pain till you’ve suffered it- I set off bright and early all by my little self to hunt the dentist down with a spear  as I approach the dentist’s door, I see a piece of paper with some scribble on, on no, this can’t be good, still it could just be a ‘back in five mins, had to rush a patient to A and E after I got a fright when I was drilling , and accidentally drilled their…’ And so on...It is, however not, not anything like this it is far, far worse, the note reads:

'Surgery will be open again tomorrow, thanks, *smiley face picture*’

This is a nice smiley face!
 Smiley face?? Really, a smiley face? Smiley face my big fat pie arse. Mine was certainly no ‘smiley face’…This means I have to wait another WHOLE day in pain I think might well finish me off once and for all…The world was not doing a smiley face on me this morning. Still, tepid soup, and water and the softest bread ever, is not too awful. However, I am literally masticating for hours at a time (2 hours to finish half a baguette yesterday). Masticating is an extremely tiresome task, I think we all tend to take the ability to masticate for granted. It’s really quite a difficult and painstakingly time taking, sometimes laborious task. It makes me feel a cross between someone with ‘issues’ (chewing, chewing, chewing) and someone very important-well, you don’t see James Bond downing burgers, now do you? That’s because he masticates s.l.o.w.l.y and purposefully…So I guess you could say, that too much masticating makes you important…

And the thank you on his note? Thank you what? For not throwing eggs at his windows, and posting dog poo through his letter box?

The whole day was spent in the garden yesterday, we were out at 9 am in the garden, ate in the garden (that which wasn’t ‘flap-attacked’ out of our hands by the ostrich chickens), and then got in the car to go 15 mins away to a friends’ to collect something, to the park to do park and bikes, and then to other friends to ‘hang’ for a bit. Getting in at 7pm, we down some marmite and cucumber and cheddar cheese sandwiches, THE best, and they teeth brush and bed, and sleep, out for the count at 8.30pm, result! Oooo, which reminds me of something too exciting, I have FINALLY trained Esmie, the whole bed thing and never staying in, wandering till 10 pm, remember? Well I do coz it’s been going on for MONTHS. I had a brain wave the other day, as I frequently do, although it’s usually waves of brain splodge, she’s out of bed again, I go upstairs, angry eyes, angry face, in place and tell her very firmly in French to get into bed and stay there…And do you know what, I have done it every night since, and she is a wanderer no more!! How remarkable. She maybe associates the French meaning business…?

Look at meeeeeee I'm swimmmmmming!

I am extremely pleased to announce, that I am sat here, now, drinking TEA! YEY! I can drink tea again, one whole week of tepid tea through straws was not fun (visions of Great Granny Tamsyn, tucked away in her old people’s home, being encouraged by well-meaning nurses to ‘sip up’ my tepid (because with shakes like I’ll have at that age, I risk scorching myself) tea through straws…Do you know what? I think I shall ask to be shot before I get to the ‘let’s put mum in a home’ point…!

So there we go, the Dentist root canal surgeried me again yesterday evening, all so I could drink my English tea!

Positive start to the day, the sun is sorta shining, trying to, so come on kids-OUT we go!!

See you tomorrow, Tamsyn x

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