Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ready, steady go go go...10 Things I Learned From This Week...Week 11

1 When you are self-febreezing to erradicte Smelling of hot duckling, hot duckling p*** and stale milk that you realise you have issues to deal with in your life…

2 That looking after ducklings takes more ‘OMG new born baby, I am hereby certifying to self-forgetting till they grow up’ energy than you think…

3 I want a tortoise, no I really do! Alex?...*door slams, car wheelys out of the drive, ‘I have left you, honey’ note found*

4 That when you get tipped over the edge, the only way to go is back up.

5 Why not believe in God? A creator? Someone who is the ‘everything happens for a reason’ Director? If you do believe, and there IS nothing there at the end, you’ve lived life consciensciuosly and trying to live positively (and doesn’t the world need more of that energy about?) and if he/it does exist, then thank God you believed!

6 Hey, some dinosaurs were as small as a hen ( I reckon my hens must be dinosuars, there’s no other logical explanation for their behaviour)

7 Tracks left in the mud by dinosaurs provide clues as to how quickly they moved. By measuring the distance between footprints, experts have worked out that some dinosaurs could have reached speeds up to 25 mph.

8 I have been researching dinosaur facts this week…couldn’t you tell?

9 Well I have just learned that your sense of smell cannot save a burned dinner, which I have just achieved in sitting down to write my blog. Sorry gang.

10 Seeing the ‘bigger’ picture, is ALWAYS essential.

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See you tomorrow for 'Thought For The Day,'

Tamsyn x

Friday, 30 September 2011

I am glad we avoided calling our daughter ‘vagina’.

I knew I stank, but in reality it wasn’t my fault, it never is. I do not choose to stink, never deliberately so, but hanging out regularly with ducks, dogs, cats, chickens and kids tends to have that effect. Ok, the hairy pits were something else, but that can and was addressed. I have a very poorly duckling who I have carried around for most of the day, she can’t walk anymore for some reason. I love my ducklings like they’re my babies! So of course I was going to look after it, TLC for all that suffers I say, regardless who/what, whether it may be animal vegetable or mineral…well, carrying a broken washing machine around I have, to this date, not done, but who knows? Anyway, ducklings are cute, but stink, and the fact Posh weed all over me seconds before departure to pick up kids from school, was not my fault, no time to change, I stank of hot duckling, duckling p*** and in my haste on the way to pick the kids up, I screech to a halt in the carpark skidding up rubble, get me! I quickly run off to the recycling and end up dripping, well, cascading, gone off milk down my legs. Nothing to mop myself up with was an obstacle, I tried wiping it off with a bin liner I had in the car, but, as if? As if that’s any help, considering. So you know what I did? No, bet you don’t. Well, I keep *febreeze* in the car as the stinky car can get quite overwhelming at times too. I *febreezed* myself. Even my pits. I then hoped I wouldn’t have some mad allergic reaction after, and turn up at school stinking, wafting febreeze suspending my arms, unable to droop them due to a bad allergic reaction to self-febreezing.

Luckily, although it stung somewhat, it seems to have left no long lasting burns, set the hairy pits on fire or leave rashes or other symptoms. Lucky me. Although the smell of stale milk lingered and I felt hugely self conscious, waiting amongst my friends doing the ‘kissy kissy’ French thing as we await eagerly our little monsters.

Mitzi about a year old, making cakes...?

Mitzi had her Hello Kitty cake at school today, she was so excited, and the kids apparently loved it so much that the teacher did a drawing of it and then photocopied it for them all to colour in at home!! She was so proud bless her! I took Esmie to the park, just opposite Mitzi’s school later this afternoon, out in the playground I spot Mitzi and her class singing her ‘’appy berzdayz to yooooooooooo’ and clapping as she blows out the candles! It was lovely, Esmie cheered too. In fact, many things over here are called the same thing, but with a French accent, Spider man is Speeederrr man, Hello Kitty is ‘ello kitty, we all know the ‘the’ completely bypasses them, ‘ze’. My name has now no meaning any longer. I answer to ANYTHING. Anything, Tampzon, Timpsin, Timpzan, Tasmine, I even answered to Tampon once too, I just have lost the will to correct them. I tend to tell people I am called ‘Tam’ as they seem to be able to register and re-say this. In fact Esmie nearly got called ‘Ki Ki’ which THANK GOD we did not call her this as this means ‘front bottom’ in French. I am glad we avoided calling our daughter ‘vagina’.

Her cake!

My angel...

I drove Monty down to get his new football kit tonight, waiting on our tod for 20 minutes, before realising we were waiting at the wrong place. Spotting people giving out the new kits over in the distance was the clue. So Monty and I sprint off, me in fact piggy backing him all the way down and over yonder, he has bad blisters, bless! Anyway, that’s been my last few days, the in-laws have parted, back up to their mobile home, Monty has his new football kit, and is playing away on Saturday, so we are all going to watch him! Alex starts rugby training Friday night, so we’re becoming more balanced in the ‘Girls vs Boys’ activities in the house…

Baby Mitzi on mountain hike, which we did, cleverly, in flip flops...

Oh, before I go, I have to tell you that nits are doing their rounds at school at the moment, horrible little bastards. I have got pure lavender oil which I put a drop behind each ear each morning before they go to school. I forgot this morning, so with hasty good byes and love yous and kibses, I then yell after each child, ‘Oh, and don’t put your head near ANY OTHER child’s…’. Because they'll definitely think to not do that... luckily they have (hang on, let me just touch myself, in a purely platonic way, my name is Wood, after all (handy)) not caught the little buggers yet, and did not arrive home with heads leaping and plinging around with joyous nits, revolting unnecessary creatures. Eeewwww, they’re SO rank.

See you tomorrow,

Tamsyn x *thinks she sees a nit plinging, FREAKS OUT*

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Quick pic...The CAKE!

'Ello Kitty (in French!)

Mitzi moo and me and cake!

My Mitzi and me...(although it was taken at 7.30 am, so I do have an excuse for looking ROUGH.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dear Mitzi Joy...

 Dear Mitzi Joy,

5 Today! No way! FIVE? Hey? Five years old, today! From chubby big blue ostrich-eyed baby, to you, gorgeous, scrumptious Mitzi moo.

You arrived at a stressful time in our lives, but out of that stress came the decision to move to France, to bring you all up in France, a better life, the ‘Good Life’. When you were 5 weeks old, Lola 16 months and Monty a bit more than 2-and-a-half, dad and I made the decision ‘if we do not move now, we never will’. And it was you coming along that made us decide that, when you were 7 weeks old, we moved to France.

Now, nearly 5 years on, mummy and daddy are nearly both working  and our lives are stressful, but incredible. We are so very blessed to have all you kids, and you are our joy, our very own 5 year old little Mitzi Joy!

Your name means ‘Beloved unexpected gift’…and as you were a little surprise (!) We loved the original name and the meaning was so befitting. Your second name was your Granny's (my mum's mum) so you were named after your great granny, ‘Joy’. You were nothing but joy and happiness (even though you never slept as a baby, and still do not very well!). You still are, your laugh creases me up, such a gaffaw, such a distinctive laugh, it is contagious, and people listening/looking at us can not help but to laugh too (hearing your laugh, not AT us…).

I am pleased to say that your eyelashes are now growing back. You decided a few weeks ago this was one of the BEST ideas you had ever had, to ‘hairdress’ your eyelashes. I am not surprised, I have never seen longer ones to be fair, they tickle your eyebrows! You are a stunning little girl, with a physique that no one can believe. You are insanely strong, acrobatic, climby, ‘watch me’y, and you have reason, you can do some pretty damn clever things. Over the last 5 years you have grown (although not much in height!) in spirit, in your love for adventure, your ‘testing the boundaries’ just to see where you can go…Will you always be the same? You are never deliberately naughty, but your explorative nature catches you out at times.

Mitzi Joy, I wanted to tell you something here and now, you are an amazing girl, beautiful (and not just on the inside) you are sharp, witty, clever, all of these, easily and naturally. I see your need for attention, and see you lack confidence at times. In your report at the end of last school year, your teacher remarked (again) that you needed to express yourself to your friends, if you do not want them to take something of yours, tell them. As I see it, it is, some of it, due to  circumstances, it’s been challenging (amazing, but challenging) being brought up in a foreign country, starting school not speaking the same language. You have pushed yourself the whole way, and I am in awe of your determination as a person. I encourage you to (instead of crying and walking off upset) to ‘tell them what YOU want/don’t want to do’ to ‘stand up for yourself’ because, in this life my angel, you are going to have to. You are getting better at it, and I am here to help and direct that and encourage you in this.

You walked across a big carpark at 10 months old, you just got up and did it, I stood there like a wally wooping and cheering, desperately looking round for someone else who had seen to share in my enthusiasm. I am afraid I shall probably always be the mummy that does that! You put your mind to something Mitzi, and you DO it. I have watched you going from walking, to running and jumping in weeks. To climbing trees SO high, a dude with a ladder had to come and get you down.

You taught your self to roly poly-to skip-to do handstands-to flip over doing a handstand-to cartwheel. And I assure you, each new thing YOU teach YOURSELF, it’s all you sweetheart, your will power, your skill and your enthusiasm for all that is physical. You have taught yourself too to whistle, at the age of 4 (!) and click your fingers, ride your bike with no ‘little wheels’ again, at 4-years-old. You are highly competitive, but not in the sense that you get in people’s faces, cause hurt and are determined to ‘win’. It’s more a very quiet, competitiveness, observing and appreciating other’s talents, and working out how to emanate them. This I really admire, it’s a strong, rare quality sweetheart, and you will bloom if you maintain this unique, gentle attitude.

I wonder what the future holds for you my angel? I cannot tell you how much I love you, it’s not possible to put it in words, pictures, poems or prose. I try and show you, but sometimes I am tired, I shout, I get it wrong, I scold when I shouldn’t; your sensitive disposition is upset by this at times.

I am sorry for all these times, the times I get, or may get it wrong, the times you feel I do not understand you. I am me, all I can do is my ‘fallible human being’ best, and I will apologise when you feel I have done something wrong.

Mitzi, seize the opportunities, LOVE life, engross yourself in all that is good, follow God’s path with everlasting faith, grit your teeth and put your head down, and brace the storms when you have to, because I am afraid no one is protected from life, and life, although incredible, is HARD sometimes too.

I wish I could keep you beside me always, my perfect little ostrich-eyed angel, my joy, one of my reasons for living.

You are a wonderful, kind, spirited, generous adorable girl Mitzi Joy. I am exceptionally proud to be your mother, me, little me, I am YOUR mummy! Wow, I am lucky. My devotion to you knows no boundaries, my love no limits, my soul, was, from the minute you started to grow in my womb, entwined with yours.
Mitzi with Esmie...

Plunge into life with your determination, your generosity of spirit, your courage and your strength my baby, and you cannot go far wrong.

I love you Mitzi Joy,

Happy 5th Birthday!

Love form Mummy xxxxxxx

Monday, 26 September 2011

Posh was WELL up for it, mouth straight in, whereas Beaks is more reserved and prefers nibbling delicately...

Today I drop kids off one by one, keeping Monty in the car (he has got tummy ache, so off to the doc’s to see if it is something or nothing…I cross my friend and as we are stood there chatting, I see another mummy friend drive by, I wave gaily, ready to slap on the bonnet to laugh and joke with her merrily in the ‘look how sane and on form I am with 4 kids doing the school run in the morning too' , with my kids walking in, one wearing back to front trousers AND t-shirt, one we had forgotten the shoes and another in a t-shirt, it was 13 degrees, not warm enough togs. The other in flip flops (NOT allowed at school), finishing his homework in the back of the car. She drives on by, looking haughty, then I realise, she is looking at me in this way as she has no idea what the f*** just happened, she doesn’t even know who the f*** I am either, and yet I insist on smiling and waving gaily away, ready to slap the bonnet. ‘oh’ I remark to my friend as I realise, ‘I didn’t know her at all actually…’

Good start to the day, but I decided to plough on, although the odds were against me. I have had headaches on and off (like eyes about to pop ones) for the last few weeks, and I had another today. The trip to the Dr’s was for Monty and his hard sore tummy. The Dr prods and pokes, taps and jerks, as only (thankfully not everywhere you go are you subject to this, quick health check before entering the supermarket security dudes/dudettes…Who knows though? In future?) So, as I was saying, as only Drs do. The sum up reveals it’s constipation. Wow that’s a long word, and a proper gross word too. CONSTIPATION. Eeewwwwww nasty. Anyway, my poor boy, I blame it on the school Cantine, I am NOT guilty, for once! He is prescribed a ‘flush it right on out of there’ type medicine. Informing me to give him 3 sachets before bed. This I dutifully do. 20 minutes later, Monty runs down the stairs doubled up holding his little bottom, going ‘oh mum, you know what medicine you gave me?’ ‘Erm, yep?’ ‘Well, I think it’s working!’, and sprints off to the loo. Well, thank god he made it to the loo. And there’s now no more CONSTIPATION problems, I am pleased to report.

Although talking of poo, my new ducklings are reeking havoc. I am back into the ‘borderline OCD mopping’ bracket again. I admit, but admission is the first step to acceptance and resolution no? ‘Hi, my name’s Tamsyn, and I AM a mopaholic’ followed by whoops and cheers and gentle, empathetic pats on the back and ‘supportive’ squeezing of limbs you never even knew existed. Anyway, I do feel justified, as they think they have free range of the garden, the garage AND the house and bedrooms. Ducks poo, like A LOT. And it’s being trailed around by four little feet (and 2 big pairs, mine and Alex’s, although Lola’s not far off my shoe size! Which frequently occurs too, and even after cleaning thoroughly the ‘stamped in s*** again’ bit, spending the ENTIRE rest of the day looking for where the smell of chicken/duck poo is coming from, and realising it’s you) so mopping IS essential. Oh alright, keep them out the house, but you know what, they are too cute! In fact, I went to feed them out of my hands tonight, Posh was WELL up for it, mouth straight in, whereas Beaks is more reserved and prefers nibbling delicately…I’ll train them, you watch. 

It's because my ducks are THIS gorgeous...SO alike, it's the feather colour and the beaks that do it..

Right I am off, I have to prepare for school runs tomorrow, and prepare thoughts for Mitzi’s 5th birthday, some kind of pretty hearty style cake she wants, her birthday’s Tuesday and my in-laws are here for it.

Have a good day, see you tomorrow,

Tamsyn x *flies around the house on her mop-stick weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, realises using feet to pedal along floor does not constitute flying, publicly humiliates herself*

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thought For The Day...Week 17...

Thinking positively, being positive, is what I wanted to base my Thought For The Day on today, so here is the basis of my Thought For The Day today, positivity!

I actually came across a Swedish proverb this week, and I want you all to hear it because, to me, I think it’s ACE!

“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours”

Swedish proverbs.

Have a great Sunday all,

See you tomorrow,

Tamsyn x