Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ready, steady go go go...10 Things I Learned From This Week...Week 11

1 When you are self-febreezing to erradicte Smelling of hot duckling, hot duckling p*** and stale milk that you realise you have issues to deal with in your life…

2 That looking after ducklings takes more ‘OMG new born baby, I am hereby certifying to self-forgetting till they grow up’ energy than you think…

3 I want a tortoise, no I really do! Alex?...*door slams, car wheelys out of the drive, ‘I have left you, honey’ note found*

4 That when you get tipped over the edge, the only way to go is back up.

5 Why not believe in God? A creator? Someone who is the ‘everything happens for a reason’ Director? If you do believe, and there IS nothing there at the end, you’ve lived life consciensciuosly and trying to live positively (and doesn’t the world need more of that energy about?) and if he/it does exist, then thank God you believed!

6 Hey, some dinosaurs were as small as a hen ( I reckon my hens must be dinosuars, there’s no other logical explanation for their behaviour)

7 Tracks left in the mud by dinosaurs provide clues as to how quickly they moved. By measuring the distance between footprints, experts have worked out that some dinosaurs could have reached speeds up to 25 mph.

8 I have been researching dinosaur facts this week…couldn’t you tell?

9 Well I have just learned that your sense of smell cannot save a burned dinner, which I have just achieved in sitting down to write my blog. Sorry gang.

10 Seeing the ‘bigger’ picture, is ALWAYS essential.

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