Friday, 5 August 2011

‘If you can’t beat them’ and you can’t, btw, it’s illegal, ‘then join them’

Esmie sits a baby wipe in ‘Time out’ for being rude. You see everything in this house, even the inanimate objects are rude. Thus the baby wipe, *gets it*. Funny, the role plays kids portray…Lola likes to wear ‘clocky’ shoes and play at cafes and shops and teachers…Mitzi likes to join in with most things, but likes to play ‘mummy’ with Esmie, pushing her round in a doll’s pram, making her go to sleep, shhhhhing her (thank goodness she then doesn’t start screaming hysterically in French as a last resort to get her to stay in bed-which worked btw…), and then giving her tea…Monty hunts down droids and General Greivous' ships, flying round combat style in the garden, stopping occasionally to chase, then rugby tackle, and pick up a chicken/duck, which he then releases when I come over threatening him with a light sabre telling him in a really good impression of Darth Vader’s ‘breathey’ voice I’ve come to fight him. I don’t have any idea how I just got onto that, *rereads* oh yeah, things kids do. Well, there you go, that’s what mine do.

Help, mummy's buried me, and then she turned on her heels and fled....

So I thought it would be a good idea to bring Lola to my dentist appointment, yeah 3rd in 5 days, 2 root canal surgeries, just to remind you later, I am back again, teeth still giving me jip, the Dentist is bamboozled. He had done the rot (*ooops, just seen typo!! Root...) canal the other day, it’s the last back top deck, so hardest to get to, I had my head suspended backwards during the whole thing, god I wish they’d have given me some gas and air, that was FUN! (In labour) Little bit weird, bit sick at first, but I got to like it. Anyway, off gas and air, before I knew it, he was anaesthetising my tooth again, and re-rootcanal surgerying…OMG As if? As if you go to the Dentist and have 3 root canal surgeries in 5 days two of them being on the same tooth. And what is worse it that it was completely unexpected, unexpected re-root canal surgery, again, I sigh, defeated, as if? At the end of the treatment he informs me very seriously that if this has not sorted it this time, he is going to strike me off his patient list and send me to another Dentist!…Goodo. But I did leave regretting the fact I had chosen to bring little Lola, poor thing, I couldn’t see her, she could see me though, and in every pause, I twisted my head round, grinning in agonising pain giving her a big thumbs up…her big smile returned and thumbs up makes it all alright-who needs a smiley sticker from their Dentist for being brave, when you get it in real life? Although, fair enough, not the most fun I imagine she’d ever had. So I bravely stagger, again, droopy eyed, numb nose, numb tongue, unable to move the right hand side of my face, probably dribbling, and I walk through the little town square first to pick up my DRUGS, painkillers, strong prescription ones, you can only take 2 a day, I felt cheated, psychologically 2 pain killers for the amount of facial pain I am at this moment in time in, DESPITE the anaesthetic, does not seem just…but there you go, 2 it is. *downs one* 

Lola loved it, hand in hand with her mummy, all by her big self. I take her into the Little sweet shop and tell her she can pick one for each of them. Binning my ‘no sweets unless it suits me’ policy for a minute, the look on her face was a picture, she was absolutely made up! So I hopefully made up for the traumatic time I had put her through.

The pain is now kicking in big time, my face is stiff and bloody sore. I was supposed to be going back tomorrow, but I begged him to have mercy, and he let me off till Tuesday, coz, to be really frank, I could really do with a little time off root canal surgery for a while…

Right, I am off to the Brocante tomorrow to get a seat for the bike my dad left me when he came out, and hardly got to use as it rained everyday! I am getting the seat so I can do something I have not done for probably over a decade-ride a bike. The kids love riding theirs, so as the saying goes ‘if you can’t beat them’ and you can’t, btw, it’s illegal, ‘then join them’, my philosophy is thus: I shall join them, put Esmie in a seat on the back of my bike, and shut my eyes and hope for the best go on a long bike ride with all the kids and my friend,  there are loads of specific tracks through forest and things here. I can’t wait! Although I am worried about getting back on the bike…

I’ll let you know how it goes,

Tamsyn x

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