Friday, 10 June 2011

'Woooaaa, check out her Bazungas'

‘Shitfix’...This is the code for the security settings test thingy I have just had to type put to share my blog. They are just plain insulting me these days, they have a personal vendetta, and these security things are getting worse. Anyway...

Mitzi, in her big mouth dribbling phase-happens to us all at one point.

I have just finally sat down after a Wednesday (no school in la France) whilst still feeling like crap. Oh no, s*** hang on a minute. Phew, I’m back, I thought I had left the bath running-to flood the kitchen and downstairs again would not be on my ‘prefered things to do today’ list. Like, at all. But  it’s fine,  I’m fine, and so is the bath. Mitzi has completely been taking the mickey tonight at bedtime. As she has been all snot and grizzles for the most part of the week, I make her have a lie down after luch with Esmie. And bejazus only knows how much I wanted to curl up on the sofa with the 2 remaning big 2 and watch a DVD. Raining still here, and ill still, which in my house equals DVD cuddles and lounging around and mammoth eggy bread and marmite (SO good btw) eating sessions, then finally, bedtime-and the cats are mewing for their food, the chickens are boccing for attention, they can boc off, and Mitzi is hyper coz she had a sleep in the day. Which, today, has left me begging the question, how do we get it right? To top it all off, I have THE most annoying fly buzzing round insisting on landing on every available part of my face and head, making me do a superb impression of someone let out into the community for the day with a nightmare violent head tick going on, slapping themselves in the face frequently…I have been up and down those stairs like a taxidermist to his sand shed, to Mitzi’s varying requests for the past 20 minutes, now it has reached the dizzy heights of being not funny now….

Too good, eggy bread mmmmmmm

Lola is singing Esmie to sleep upsatirs in French going for it with her strong Southern French twang. Brilliant! They’re all in bed, and I have finally sat down. It’s 8.30 pm 7.30 pm your time) and am still on overdrive as after I have finished this blog, I am to bake. Cakes, for tomorrow’s school fete. Which means that tomorrow morning, 6.30 am start, kids to school (coz it’s that easy, why doesn’t the school run, the intensity of the work sweat tears and bargies us mothers have in attempts to get them to school ON TIME! Why does this task alone not count as as worthy as someone who had just instigated World Peace? It’s equally as successful to us mums getting a child through the school gates almost on time every day). But it doesn’t, and anyway, about me, I then do the Bibliotech for 35 kids reading stories, changing books, I then take my friend via the shop to the Train station, drop her off, come back in time (I hope) to pick up all the kids from school for lunch. Lunch cooked, lunch done, back to school run, then I stay at school to make picnics and fry chips and learn how to do hair tresses, the string you tie round hair prettily, all afternoon, then to get kids from school, go home, pack a sleep over bag for Lola (she’s been invited to her first ever sleep over!! OMG, it starts…at 6-years-old?!) get the girls dressed in their costumes and wheely everyone back round to school for the school fete where I shall be like a mum at the Olympics, tears of pride in my eyes, pushing other mums out the way to take pictures, then run over to the hair dressing stand where I shall be hair-tressing kids all night *remembers to breathe*. If I manage all this I am allowing my self a guilt-free nervous breakdown when I get in at midnight. Fair enough right? 

My ducks are ready, and we are to get them this Sunday, I was too ill to go up the other day. We need names though-so a little help? Erhem? Please? I like Posh and Beaks, but the French won’t get it, like at all. So maybe a little more across the channel friendly, not ‘Frog’ or ‘Garlic Breath’ or anything, thanks.

'Woooaaa, check out her Bazungas' Monty says to Lola...!

Anyway, after wearing my top inside out again today, till our 15-year-old guest pointed it out to me this afternoon, and having dropped the kids off at school this morning like it, I think I realise now why the teacher was so compassionate this morning. It was Lola’s school trip today, I had volunteered to go, I had COMPLETELY forgotten, and they were there getting me ‘my group’ ready…I was stunned,  totally unprepared, Lola hadn’t even got a coat let alone a picnic this morning. I had to bail, I still felt like total s*** and had a Dr’s appointment I had to go to. They did manage to find a replacement, and they were ever so kind. Right, so I’m off to bake cakes now, for my sins, then cook dinner. I am so hungry I could eat a donkey. Oh God that reminds me, we’ve got the sheep arriving Saturday…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

*exits in a whirlwind*

Tamsyn x

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  1. Wow... How on earth do you do it all, your like supermum! Woo hoo, not just me who forgets things like school trips! And the eggy bread.... My tummies rumbling just looking at it.... You can keep the marmite though *does involuntary gag reflex*, Nat