Sunday, 5 June 2011

Introducing my 'Thought for the Day'...week 1

Well to be fair, I will not be quoting myself every Sunday, the world is not ready for that yet, but I have decided that on a Sunday I am going to put up a 'Thought for the Day'...for y'all to think about. 

When I was little my Grandparents lived in Oxford. I love Oxford, it has fond childhood memories, I get that safe, warm fuzzy feeling when I am there (looong time ago I was last there, however). Anyway, the story I'm trying to tell you is that my Grandpa used to do 'Thought for the Day' on the Oxford radio, and we'd listen in when we knew he'd be on, and I'd feel all proud that my Grandpa was on the radio! There we go, so I thought in a similar fashion, I'd try on a Sunday to put up a quote that I have stumbled across in the week and put it up here for all to reflect upon-there will be a test, so pay much attention...Actually there so won't be, but just to keep you on your toes...

So without further ado here's my first. It is the Dalai Lama who is going to kick it off:

'We should value our enemies because they provide us with unique opportunities to practice patience, tolerance and forbearance.'

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