Saturday, 11 June 2011

Adult-abuse...Help me stop this....

Full on, walks are...look at what our daughter is doing to my husband...chewing his head and gaily squeezing his eyes.

Mothers, fathers, all over the world are going through this, mostly at walk time, but it still occurs too frequently. It has still not been abolished either, 'Shoulder rides' are what I am referring to. They sit up there, having the time of their lives, whilst we suffer. Victim to exploratory toddlers/small children poking us in the eyes, holding on to our ear holes, nostrils. Relentlessly pulled in all angles by grubby little fingers. And to top it all off, we are not even able to even see where we are going, they cover our eyes too. Why has nothing been done? I am starting an underground movement society, calling it thus: the RSPCAF: Royal Society of Protection of Cruelty to Adults' Orifices, Facial or otherwise. The squeezey happy kids need to learn.

Help me STOP these cruel shoulder rides, for good. Just say NO! To Shoulder rides...(It's for your own good).

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  1. I'm signing up right away, these so called 'fun rides' have been banned in our family since 1983 when, on holiday in Spain, I was riding upon my daddy's shoulders and wondered what he'd look like with a headband in, and decided to see, with CHEWING GUM, as you can imagine no child has ever rode any shoulders in our family since. Well done for highlighting this little recognised abuse! Nat