Monday, 8 November 2010

I actually got bin juice in my eyes tonight, and then snapped my mop clean in half whist trying to remove a particularly sticky mass on the floor..........

What a weekend, it is over now though I can reassure myself. It was a great Sunday in fact, Monty’s 7th birthday was brilliant, he got 4 big boxes of star wars lego which he and dad were at for hours……..

It was going alright the Saturday, well my family’s version of alright which maybe if there is a scale, we are at one end, although who can say what is at the other end?? I digress, a long awaited outing, treats for the kids, a trip to Anglet to merry-go-round it, icecream it and beach it for a few hours. On the drive there it’s fresh weather, but doable.  Unbeknownst to us, the one day we pick to go there is a GTI car race, cars parked everywhere, we could hardly get down the roads, they’ve blocked off most roads anyway so we are restricted in direction and in speed. There are men, woman, kids, guard dogs, wolves (ok no wolves, but there may as well have been) all reflector jacketed up looking as important as a dandelion, gesticulating like mad men, as the French seem to enjoy doing more so than other countries (true story) but thinking, genuinely, that they are escorting the queen somewhere. Somehow we take a wrong turning and end up in the race! 4 kids in the car, the dog, us, police cars start to follow and we realise the 3 cars racing are revving and bibbing us from behind. The kids think it’s brilliant waving and bonjouring them. We did escape, however, despite all the gesticulations and Alex is convinced that we won too……..

I think in future it would be better were I to avoid merry-go-rounds. I actually feel quite resentful and angry to the dude who was quite happy to let me accompany Esmie on the teacup ride. It just kept spinning……and spinning…..and spinning. I tried to focus my vision on the pink rabbit smiling at me, but I was almost retching I felt so ill. Never again. Oh and then the icecreams were bought, we sat on the beach, and the heavens opened……nice.

Back home I start the evening clear up after I put the kids to bed, cat pooh out of the pot plants (the kitten we adopted back in the summer is used to s*itt**g in mud, so continues to do so in my pot plants….) 3 cats, 4 chooks, the dog fed; bins changed; floors hovered, mopped……. and I actually got bin juice in my eyes, then snap my mop clean in half whist trying to remove a particularly sticky mass on the floor..........

TUNE! check him out......Xavier Rudd rules man, ignore the poor recording, but listen to his talent!

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