Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Alex and I are veggie, so the soup is not for us, I must tell the chickens this, the kids are old enough to defend themselves…..

I got everyone off to school as normal, apart from mitzi who has another ear infection, was up all night on and off and has puss seeping out of her ear, straight up….nasty. I walk back through the door after setting the chickens free, feeding the frenzied birds before they peck my legs, to the phone ringing whereupon a woman informs me if I do not pay her the 700€ phonebill at that second (8.52 am Monday morning) she was sending me to court, I told her she was going to have to explain exactly what she meant as I was unaware an amount of money like this was outstanding, she then tells me ‘madame, you can not sing us that song, (I really wasn’t singing, I must have a beautiful talking voice though…..?!) you’re going to court’ with that she hangs up. Great start to the day, I a) have to work out what on earth it is all about, and b) how rude and c) bollocks.

So next up I get the remaining kids in from the car (I had momentarily forgotten them….) make a coffee, we make bread, hummus and a carrot and chicken soup, the chickens decide to come in the house at this point, and I am overwhelmed with guilt at the fact that I am about to serve my kids their relatives (no not the kids’ relatives, the chickens’…!). the chooks are shooed back out the door and I add a veg stock cube to the soup in the hope it may disguise the odour of the chickens’ relatives boiling away in the pan……….Alex and I are veggie, so the soup is not for us, I must tell the chickens this, the kids are old enough to defend themselves…..

The weather has been awful recently; rain, rain and more of it, except yesterday, when it hailed, huge great hail came thundering down. I checked out the window and saw the chickens going bananas, running round like, well like headless chickens! Right, up to me to don my galoshes, wellies and herd them into their house. On opening the door I am pelted in the face by hail stones, which do hurt by the way, and with shoes, as I cannot face the wellyboot hunt any longer (looking for things nearly tips me over the edge every time….) on I am royally drenched whist trying to keep my eyes open enough (for fear that if they are open a hail stone may knock one out, and I would rather not be known as Mummy Cyclopes…..) to round up the chooks into their safe place (ooooo I’d like a safe place, I’ll look more closely into that). They flap about madly, I slip over, although I don’t really care as I am already in an extremely wet place, but I succeed!

I will sleep well tonight……

TUNE! you have to check this out, Alex's fave band, and a cool version. bit o Zepplin.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLkOE4XDBis

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