Monday, 14 April 2014

Dear Alex, A Glass of Ice Cold Rose.

Dear Alex,

A day in the sunshine, an evening where I sit outside, dog at my feet, cat prowls along the garden wall, Monty sleeps snoring in my bed, the girls fast asleep upstairs.

Nothing but my music and bird song, slight chill on sun warmed skin, and a glass of ice cold rose, I need it tonight.

I have watched the kids in such awe today, they had not a cross word all morning, brought me a cup of tea in bed. Helped clear up breakfast things. We hung out in the garden all morning, Monty and Lola making eggy bread and cucumber sticks for everyone for lunch! They were so wonderful, it was such a relaxing morning, I even got to lie in the sun for a while!

I have felt ridiculously blessed today.

Loving where we live, the freedom it offers us, nipping to the beach for half-an-hour on the way home from seeing you. We run of a bit of pent up 'hour in the car' claustrophobia and head home for Quorn Bolognese I made earlier.

You seemed sad again today, you just couldn't hold tears back; you have seemed this way the past few days. Like you are 'coming round' again. Asking me why you cannot remember anything. I keep reminding you of our Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday, as it is a big deal, a decade.

We have been married a decade my angel, and I love you more now than ever before-though I never knew that would even be possible.

I am going to make us dinner and see if, with the help of some of the carers, we can lie outside on a picnic rug together, rather than it being me sitting on your lap in your wheel chair.

Allow us some freedom, just to lie for a while together.

Where I can hold you, let you know what you still mean to me, and always will.

Because I love you more than you could ever imagine Alex Wood.

Me xxxxxxxxxxx

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