Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dear Alex, A Decade Married x

Dear Alex,

Before the doors swing open, I feel OK. I remember thinking, I cannot wait! Soon, SO soon I will be who I want to be, Mrs Wood!


Then the doors swing,

I see you, as you turn from the front of the Registry Office, to look at me, where we had decided we just wanted to be married, rather than not. So a Registry Office  in Whitby was what was set. You melted my soul, my very being, I start to cry.

Monty, bless his tiny old soul, was 5 and a bit months old. We had met 2 years before, you had proposed to me 4 days after we had met, I agreed immediately.

 Knowing instantly you were The One…

In all honesty, baby, I have spent the past 3 days in helpless tears, Knowing where I was at before we married, remembering it vividly, to the days where we are now, before our 10 year Anniversary. I didn't realise this would be the hardest thing I have had to face so far.

And I never thought this.

Well, you don't, do you?

I remember a girl, 25 years in age.

A girl, a young mummy, devoted to her man, in awe of her man, unable to see clearly because of the fact she had fallen so hard, so completely in love.

This morning, our decade of marriage anniversary, I wake alone.

I ring you at the Care Home, and there is nothing more cruel.

"In sickness and in health"

At the time, I thought nothing of it at the time, but this was the vow where I broke down for a second, before being able to continue.

And Alex, my promise to you today is still, that in sickness and in health, I will remain steadfast by your side.

I wanted to grow old with you, visions of playing with grandkids together, walks hand-in-hand. I wanted so much for us.

Now, I just want you to grow more healthy, make progress; because I cannot face this life without you.

I love you Alex, more than you could ever imagine.

Your wife xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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