Saturday, 15 March 2014

Dear Alex, When the Lights Go Out.

Dear Alex,

When the lights go out, and here is no sound.

When the sky is black and our babies lie asleep.

When another day is over and I am another year older.

When the night falls and this day is done.

The chores I can no longer continue with, and my prayers begin.

I pray for you.

Our babies sleep in your side of the bed, my company is a million people, but you.

There is no justification, no righteousness in what has befallen you.

My shower droplets fall. They fall on my desperately in need of healing head.

No healing felt, no healing gained, no justice sought.

When the lights go out, and I have our four babies asleep, finally in bed, my heart breaks all over again.

For the loneliness, the absence, the side of the bed which is too big.

I just long for you.

Me xxxxxxxxx

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