Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dear Alex, Next Monday You Move Again.

Dear Alex,

I see you from the bottom of the hall, you are in the communal lounge, alone, arm shaking, head drooping to one side. I creep up, I kiss you on the lips saying 'Hi gorgeous!'

Your head bolts upright, a huge smile spreads across your face and you won't let me go, you kiss me and tell me you love me, and this goes on for about 15 minutes! You won't stop!

Despite the fact I was anxious about bringing the kids in to see you, unsure what place you would be in, you were wonderful.

The kids tell you one-by-one what they have been up to during the week, taking it in turns to sit on your lap.

Your smile does not leave your lips.

Basking in family love.

We need times like this to heal us a bit, replenish and revitalise the family soul.

I am holding on to today's visit, keeping it for me.

Next Monday you move back to the other Care Home. I haven't had time to consider this, but I know this is still best as you will continue to get regular Physio and Speech Therapy there, and you still need as much of this as you can.

Thanks of making today a treasured one.

I love you my Alex Wood.

ME xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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