Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dear Alex, How Dare They?

Dear Alex,

I fell into your arms today, I held back the tears. I am missing you so much at the moment. The rules at the moment, so as to conserve your energy and really make the most of your final few weeks in the Centre, is that I can only go in on a Saturday with the kids for one hour. I was met by stern faced nurses, surprised to see me with the kids. they say this is not allowed, it was to be me and me only to visit for one hour. I looked equally as sternly back and informed them that the kids would be going to see their daddy, whether they 'allowed' it or not and marched past them to see you. 

Situations like this reaffirm how in control others are, how I, even as your wife apparently count for nothing. How angry this makes me, how dare they?

But I lose these feelings and make the most of the short time I spend with you. 

I chat to you of my plans for 'Making Waves for You' and you listen, eyebrows raised and give me lots of thumbs up.

I find myself turning the whirring thought which I am consumed with all day and most of the night, into thoughts of how I can do this all. Of positive, proactive thoughts that keep me uplifted, busy in a challenging way.

The ideas i have will take me a long while to set up. I have the skeleton of what will be a major thing. I need to raise awareness, this I will find the most difficult. Publicity, getting the word out there.

One of my aims is for people to write their 'Stories of Hope' for anyone that has experienced brain injury and their journey. To offer hope to others that may be early on in the brain injury journey. 

Again, if anyone know of anyone who would like to share their story, they can contact me via my FaceBook page or on here.

I am fired up, inspired, motivated, and I am on a roll!

I feel so different, much more positive…

Me xxxxxxxxxx

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