Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dear Alex, Hatching a Plan.

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Dear Alex,

It all has to stop being about the pain, and begin somewhere.

It has to be about how I can use this for the better, not let it drag me, ruin me and focus me on just that, me.

I have been thinking for so long about how I can achieve this, what I can do.

And I finally have some conclusions, and I am throwing myself into this!

This blog will be that, always, my memories, my letters to you, our journey. And with that, I want to create a place where others who have know loss or tragedy, have been through Brain Injury, whatever that may entail. I want to put my pain to purpose, use this blog for good.

The information I have accumulated, the journey I have been on, the length of time I have spent surviving, learning how to cope, I want to let others know. For others to be able to interact with other stories on this new project blog I will going on.

It will take some weeks, months, but I am going to turn this blog into something more than just my letters.

I hope to launch it properly in the next month or so. 

I am going to write about coping, about resources available, the help that is out there. About research, holistic therapies and others which I have, through personal experience used for Alex. How to help children through grief and acceptance, whether it be through activities, helpful books to read or ways to talk to your child.

Not just the things I have used for Alex, but the ways I have coped, the methods I use, the ways I have tried to include and explain and help the kids deal with this situation.

I hope to grow this seed of a blog into a Resources website, a real life one, with a person, me, talking and sharing my experiences and thus offering constructive solutions and directions for others that may have gone through the same or similar situations. An interactive site for families who know Brain injury, or who know trauma and loss and grief.

It is my new project.

I have found my way of turning my pain into purpose.

I am refocusing my anguish into a positive frame for others to benefit (hopefully) from.

From my experience, nothing like this exists. Yes, there are resources and help, but from my perspective, I have not come across anyone who has something like this, a place where a real person who sees what it really is, is on the journey of the people I hope may turn here.

So please watch this space, and if you know anyone who may like to share their story, this will be a place for those to do that too, as it may help others who are going through a similar thing.

So this is it, pain into purpose!

It starts here…Please share this post if you can, I would like anyone who would like to know about to know, or if you would somehow like to be involved, please let me know in the comments. 

Thank you,

Me xxxxxxxxxx 

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