Dear Alex, Minute-by-Minute.

Dear Alex,

"We raise our white flag, we surrender all to you.."

"Your love has won…" I listen to the lyrics of this hymn-style song. I drink them in.

The other day I am there…

On occasion I pray with you.

I belive in the power of prayer, of meditation, of opening up those channels that are in our subconscious, that are there, real, but we rarely tap into.

I keep trying. I will not stop.

I pray with you about your sight.

For the first time ever, you say a prayer too. You ask the Most High to give you back your sight so you can see your beautiful wife…

My heart melts, a dee bitter realisation of what it is for you without sight. Without that simple gift we take for granted every morning we wake, every night we fall asleep.

I cannot tell you you will see again. I do know what it would mean. You seeing an apple across the room, wanting to eat it and getting up to try and reach it-the motivation you would have, the understanding of your life and surroundings and putting faces to names, reading, drawing, writing…Watching your own children play.

It is the biggest hurdle we face.

It is a mountain that needs to be moved, and God moves mountains, CAN give back sight.

So I will believe, I will pray, I will meditate for an eternity. Until you get back your sight.

I love you so much I hurt, daily, minute-by-minute as clocks everywhere tick, another second passes full of love and pain for me.

Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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