Monday, 6 January 2014

Dear Alex, Don't hold a glass over the fire.

Dear Alex,

"Don't hold a glass over the fire"

This lyric I picked up on in the song I was listening to was my food for thought today- I wondered what areas of my life I may be holding a glass over, consciously or otherwise?

A fire needs air, to be encouraged, not stifled. I intend to do this in every way with you. I would like to focus on art, your right hand shakes so much you cannot control a pen, so I want to help your hand, guide it, draw and paint with your fingers. Hydrotherapy is another focus of mine, although until I know you when you are in the Intensive rehab centre, I cannot make concrete plans.

Lights throw up patterns upon the wall above the bed where we should both be...I still do not hold this dream within my sights, I still mourn this every night. I have to focus on the light though, as light gives out light, it penetrates and I have been privileged to witness myriad examples of this today-from misty morning sunrising over fields which dip and rise for miles ahead of me, sun streaking and discovering what it can touch with it's beams. Lights as stars in the night sky, fairy lights twinkling...And the rainbows I have seen down here, never have seen as many anywhere I have ever lived before.

Yes, I can focus on the shadow, the parts the light had not reached, but then I would miss the beauty of the light.

I am concentrating my gaze and thoughts on light and healing for you, for all of us.

2014, I embrace you as a year and can't help feel a twinkle of excitement in my sadness that good things and far more healing are afoot...

me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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