Monday, 2 December 2013

Dear Alex, Three Winters.

Dear Alex,

Time passes; this will be our 2nd Christmas in England since we moved back, the third Winter we have known since your accident. 

It was another weekend of a troubled you, a fraught exhausted me, I have Labyrinthitis, an ear infection which affects your balance and makes you feel rotten. I have barely been able to move today without my head spinning, feeling sick and like I am going to fall over, clumsy and uncoordinated, it really is not fun!

I have set up several meeting this week to do with your care, as there are a few things I need to make sure are being carried out. One of the main ones is reducing with a view to weening you off all your current medication. The Professor Neurologist has finally agreed to write up a plan to do this, and I hope with less medicine in your body effecting you in so many ways, this will stabilise you and help you further.

Many of the side effects of what you take are : irritability, aggression, nausea, drowsiness, confusion and agitation. Imagine-everything you have! Although also, the side effects of brain injury can also be these. I do, however, believe strongly that you being off all the medication, as it is flooding such a delicate environment, this will serve to help you no end.

I wonder if I clutch at straws?

I wonder then, if it matters, even if I am?

It buys me a while longer to keep hoping for the next thing that may bring improvement.

I will see you on Wednesday, providing I can drive, as turning my head is not an option at the moment with this ear infection.

Sleep peacefully, healingly, dream of the future and progress and family life- al these I pray for when I switch out my light.

me xxxxxxxx

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