Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dear God....What is this life?

Dear God,

What is this life you have given me?
I write here, my desperate plea,
To honour our commitment as a loving couple,
To render us free of living in this trouble.

To wake Alex up,
No more pain or worn out souls,
No more pain, so wounded are we.

Let him rise with the larks,
Seeing and understanding,
Let me rise to a husband, loving and caring

How long must we live under the spell
Of the misery sent in this life?
The brokenness, Lord, is rife

This struggle, endlessly striven,
To accept, to understand,
What, to us has been given

For we can't go on,
Four children fatherless,
A weeping wife, husbandless,
A terrified man, who lives, lifeless.

Send us something,
Some healing for our empty souls,

Let us, I plead, not live this life
Of unknown,
Till we are old.

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