Monday, 25 November 2013

Dear Alex, Night time gifts.

Dear Alex,

I passed a fairly wakeful night, an abscess in my tooth has flared up, strong antibiotics I hope will clear that up, it has meant a temperature, headache and feeling so unwell. I was looked after by my wonderful neighbour and friend who made me hearty lentil soup and collected the kids from school, so I lay on the sofa and slept away some of the pain.

I have all kids sleeping in their own rooms, till Esmie wakes at 11 and gets in with me-her night pattern. She scrunches up next to me, stokes my face and kisses me with a big sleepy grin on  her face 'I love you mummy, hope the bed bugs bite...' She has this saying slightly wrong, but her adorable gift she gives me before I go to sleep is priceless.

Things are settling at the place you are in during the week, and when you rang this evening you were in high spirits, you spoke so clearly down the phone, I almost couldn't believe it was you on the other end! I remark how incredible your speech is, and you reply 'yes, I know, it's wicked isn't it?!' You seem to be continuing amazing progress there, your standing and movement is so impressive, and there is such hope for physical development for you, especially as you will be going to the Intensive Rehab Centre and they will work you harder than ever before!

We had an extremely exciting call today too, which may not amount to anything, but I can hope and dream... It was from the Alan Titchmarsh Garden show, where they do the DIY garden thing! A friend has nominated us and if we hear by Christmas it may be us...if not it won't be...So I wait with baited breath. I have long had ideas of getting raised vegetable beds for you to tend to, grow vegetables and prepare them, cook them and serve them up to the kids, thus giving you a sense of providing for us, of fulfilment in feeling things grow, of connecting with creation, of the kids seeing you achieve something...

Keep going as you are honey, I am one proud wife, and you are not finished progressing yet...

me xxxxxxxxxxxx

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