Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dear Alex, You will excel...

Dear Alex,

You sleep. I have been out all day with some of our best friends, climbing cliffs, watching waves roar and winds tear through nature and the white splash of the waves blown through the bay. Hair blown and no amount of tucking it behind your ears tames, wild weather and wonderful friends and time in nature with the kids. Your mum and dad have been down for the weekend, so you had company whilst we were out.

Feeling refreshed, windswept and fatigued in a natural, physically exercised way, we come home and eat hot toast and soup I made yesterday.

The past few days you have been more alert and much happier, it has also been a refreshing change. Your standing when you transfer with the rotastand has been deliberate, controlled and your stance amazing, strong and disciplined. You can sit, without wobbling on the side of the bed, holding your posture with one arm to support you. I cannot help but smile, congratulate you and feel utter pride. I see how you can progress, with time and the right input, physically. Surely with this progression, this will help with your frustrations, as your brain realises it and your body are making advances in the right direction?

Tuesday is the day you leave for the rehab/care home, I have started packing your suitcase, and I am scared for you...I know with your lack of short term memory and not being able to see, the change is going to be so hard for you to adjust too, and I pray, I pray so hard that you settle and adjust well and swiftly, for your sake. This is the right thing, your working week, then home at the weekends...I know it is right, and how, given plenty of time you will excel.

I am a ball of nerves tonight as I prepare to take Oliver to a specialist Vet Hospital tomorrow in a last ditch attempt to see if I there is anything they may be able to do...I cannot face losing him, he is my old faithful, a part of our family, our family history.

So many prayers I will pray for this next week...

me xxxxxxxx

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