Monday, 13 December 2010

Lazy cow!

Goodness me, explaining the ways of the world can be tiring….."No, Alex-this time- Margo has never even seen a cock in her whole life, so no, it can never, ever be a life that egg…..” Explanation over, and egg retrieved, which was enormous if I do say so myself! The only trouble was that this time, Margo had laid the egg in the car. Yes, she had actually got into the car and was under the steering wheel on top of the cushion that I have to sit on to drive, given that I am a bit squat in my proportions, and it was a better solution at the time than attaching a wooden block to my foot or wearing “Special shoes”. That’s gonna need a wash then, the cushion. Well-done Margo!

It was 20 degrees here yesterday (a cold 20 degrees, but still, mild nonetheless), today however the temperatures have backtracked, runaway screaming the mild temperatures have, and left us in -1 frozenness. Alright, peeps in England, I know, not even close to the temperatures you have been suffering! It was so mild yesterday, that after the dog walk, we actually baked a cake outside, well it had to be cooked in the oven, but the rest was done outside, which is fabulous for me, as there was no clearing up needed. Brilliant! As I am a little obsessed with tidiness, and creative sessions with the kids can get me a wee bit edgy…..Well, in fairness, there’s paint flicked on walls, eggs cracked on the floor, clay caked in their hair….It is a hazardess task cooking/playing/walking/feeding/washing young-lings!

Having a rather spiritual conversation on the walk, Monty (my son of 7), announces that he believes both in Jah, and father Christmas, even though his friends don’t…..which was interesting learning! The walk was great fun, even though I did have both Lola (5 ½) and Esmie (2 ½) in the buggy. To top it all, the wheels were flat, and dragging against the road. I was heaving away under the strain, whilst having a one handed light sabre fight with Monty, trying not to let the buggy have it’s way and collapse on it’s side, injuring all and sundry in the process. And in all this, there is Mitzi gaily skipping along beside the buggy singing her heart out to various tunes I have never before heard in my life before, or since! And making the buggy tip from side-to-side as she goes along her merry little way. They have no idea do they?! But I guess the exercise does me good…..There has to be some positive doesn’t there?!

Alex has been collating and delivering leaflets like a Trojan this week, and I have done none. Lazy cow! You may think, but I still have endless ongoing paper sagas throughout France and it’s merry men. Which will take up my entire week too, next week. So here’s to more eggs, no collating and taking Make-Up Lady to the shops tomorrow!

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