Saturday, 27 November 2010

I am now akin to She-ra, with the powers of grey skull. Fantastic. Super handy!

This week, late Friday night, when the rain was still raining, it was dark, the chooks had been fed and bedded, the cats mewing for their turn to be fed, the dog trying to catch his tail proving his party trick was worth dinner, the kids still in the needing their 10th last wees/kisses/cuddles/drinks/feet tucked in etc etc, my husband, Alex returned home after having delivered 2.5 tonnes of publicity (yes I am still going on about it). I now, quite literally have the incredible hulk for a husband; the green will grow on me I’m sure, but the anger…man he needs to get that in check. … It has been a tough week, both mentally and physically. I am a bit of a weed, and have not a very good tolerance of pain, and even though I have given birth to 4 kids, one of them with no pain relief at all (and the others gas and air, which was just fun really, few hallucinations, bit sick, but generally really fun), I really am a whoos. So helping Alex load the car/unstuck it was quite a feat for me, and I now feel as though I have toughened up, I am now akin to She-ra, with the powers of grey skull. Fantastic. Super handy!

Scrunchy scrunchy, goes the noise…..I wasn’t worried, funny noises are a given in this house, it is Alex wandering around, he has been wearing plastic bags on his feet due to the torrential rain that began weeks and weeks and weeks ago, and has clung on wholeheartedly to the skies ever since. He got in 3 hours ago, but his coat and plastic bags are still firmly holding place around the house, I reckon he thinks in his head that there are minutes till the rain pours in through the roof, hence the protection….With the kids at home, raining (as mentioned), hide and seek is on the cards, so I send the kids off to hide and start to count at the same time I put the oven on to heat up to cook the bread we have just made into the most unlikely bread shapes ever (these will be interesting, these creations), the oven warm enough for the bread, I wonder why it has been so quiet for a while, but think nothing of it (fool) I should have thought something of it as I got on with other things, because minutes later (although it had been a good 10 minutes in reality) 4 sad little dejected faces, come in, a few crying….why had I forgotten them? They asked through sobs….omg I actually forgot about the game of hide and seek, how cruel did I feel?! And how will I ever live this on down?? For a full 10 minutes I genuinely forgot about my own kids who were waiting so patiently for me to finish counting and to come out and find them…………dreadful moment, truly heartbreaking! It has put me on a guilt trip ever since, and I have been overcompensating in motherly cooings and ‘of course you can my gorgeous little angel’ with rubs on the head, ever since! Although I know I am going to have to watch it and get tough, as when Monty Buster turned round to me earlier on and replied to my question ‘when mummy tells you to do something, what do you do?’ (Expecting to hear the response he should do it on the 1st time of my asking, I am nearly stupefied to hear his) ‘Well it means I have to do it on the third time of asking’ Oh, really???? Rubbish mum. I think I should book myself in for some parent classes…….! I did correct him, but he probably only listens on the 3rd time too of my saying something….!

I imagine this nicey, nicey behaviour won’t last long though, as today I went down to the depot to pick up the next round of shop publicity to collate………..cover your ears ….they covered? (SCREEEEEEAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM)…………..!

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