Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dear Alex, In My Dreams.

Dear Alex,

I've seen you, a few times now.

I saw you last night.

You wear a grey jumper, jeans, hair cut short- as you usually were, and how you preferred yourself.

In my peripheral vision I catch glimpses, and have studied you at times too, scrutinising whether it is you or not, and it always is.

You are always right next to me, and I haven't noticed.

And yet I am not surprised, not desperate to get to you, I just realise you are there, it is like you always have been, that pleasure in knowing you are there, but not a shock or desperation. These emotions do not fit with the situation. It is just simply realising you are there.

Then without fail, I wake. I try to sleep again, see you again…grab you in my dream and make you a reality.

Oh Alex, what I would give to drag you back through my dreams and have you by my side.

The tears I weep when I wake.

It was just a dream.

You only live in my dreams.

You will only ever live in my dreams.

Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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