Thursday, 26 December 2013

Dear Alex, All I want for Christmas.

Dear Alex,

A Christmas wish a Christmas prayer, answered. Entertaining and exited kids, noise, presents, mess, chaos, and more people that have been in our house since we moved here made me anxious for you, how you may be. I want normality around you, dread that too much noise may make you flip.

And yet, and yet...This Christmas I got my prayer answered. You were sleepy but on great form. With old friends you have not seen for a while, with new friends, neighbours you barely know, and dozens of kids, you did it! Remained with it, and I have been overwhelmed by you.

I had the best Christmas present from you I could have hoped for.

Months I have not seen you sustain such a good mood and for this length of time.

Why cannot it by like this at all times?

Then I would achieve my life goal- to have you home.

Sadly tomorrow it will be over as you go back to the Care Home.

After entertaining so many people I am exhausted, I have cooked solidly for 3 days, spent wonderful time with the family and close friends, and your parents joined us too today, and even Esmie being sick al day didn't put a dampener on the mood.

Who knows when you will be home?

But for now, just for today, I got my Christmas wish...

I sit in bed with aching legs and warmed heart.

I will just focus on how this Christmas went for now, to strengthen me a bit, ignite some of that hope for the future...

I love you my angel,

Thank you for a Christmas present I never knew I would get, the best one I have ever received.

me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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