Monday, 4 November 2013

Dear Alex, My man...

Dear Alex,

There you walked, there you smoked a cigaret, there you ran back 'There's swell babes! Get the kids out of the car, it's a beach day!'

Your little ways, little habits, way you always grabbed me whenever I walked by, always telling me how amazing you though I was. Never a criticism of me, unless in a rare argument. 

There you sit, asking always for me, never seeing me, unaware of what and who you used to be. 

Ten years approximately have been wiped from your memory, cleanly wiped away. It has taken you time to recognise, even know we had kids.

A voice from the people we met over those years will stimulate an unconscious memory. It is all there unconsciously.

The unconscious you is strong and remembers it all and would fight so hard through all of this if it had access to your conscious self.

Since being away from you, I have fallen head over heels back in love with you, missing you with every once of me and the person I am. The routine will come, you at home and way in the week, it has been so tough since last Tuesday and I want to fall into your arms and you tell me it's OK, you understand what's going on and this is the best thing for you, as you learn to get stronger, physically and emotionally.

Only you can't.

So I will keep on being there for you, for an eternity and over again my angel.

me xxxxxxxxx

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