Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dear Everyone, Brilliance in Blogging... Britmums Live! The awards...

What a night I had! London the venue, 500 bloggers and what a night to remember...full of incredible bloggers that I admire. People and a community of people who have been there to shout with me, cry with me, sell makingwavesforalex T shirts for ladies rock.

My category 'Inspire' comes up and I look at the girl who should and I expect to win, barely able to make eye contact knowing her tragic story (Jenny who blogs at Edspire) and knowing she is my winner. Then I hear my name and I cannot go up. On stage in front of 500 pairs of eyes on me. And I'm there because of what happened to you and bitter sweet tears  poured, and I couldn't speak...I was astonished, had not planned a 'thank you' speech as I did not for one second expect to win.

So here's the biggest thank you now to everyone who voted and has supported me and sent me messages and thinks of me, because you hold me up when times are unimaginably hard and I am so touched, so astonished. Above all so grateful.

Thank you!!!

From a very overwhelmed me xxxxxx

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