Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dear Alex, My Angel...

Dear Alex,

After a traumatic greeting when I come in to see you today, tears, non stop, I help you into bed to rest, you are exhausted from yet again being up most of the night, apparently calling for me. I sit, watching over you...This is what I write,

My angel, you sleep as I sit here, type and weep...
My angel you sleep talk 'I love you, Tamsyn'
You say with a smile creeping up your cheek.
I whisper, are you awake?
No sound,
My angel, you sleep talked,
And my heart knows we are bound.
My angel I am aching,
From my heart to my soul.
I have the old you inside me,
In a locket,
It burns a hole.
In another time,
Inside a different me,
Inside, guarded,
Too protected,
My angel this is torture,
This is wearing,
I feel the weight of the untold.
My angel,
For your love 
Your arms, to swaddle me
Till the end,
Grown together, old. 

me xxxxxxxxxx

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