Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dear Alex, Since...

Dear Alex,

I came across this photo and wrote this:

Where are you?
Best friend that used to be,

How long it has been
Since I was held by you,
Since I was consoled by you

And everyday I wake into
A life I live without you
That you,
That you

I almost can't see you now,
The you we had together
The you who made me
The you who saved me

How long till I will feel you once more
Feel you like it used to be

That you and that me against the world

That you and that me who strove together,
Discovered together,
Grew together
Knew together

Since you were not you anymore
I've felt cold and different
alone, insecure

No 'you' coming back
No 'you' to comfort me
No 'you' to decide with me

No... 'you'.

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