Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Winter Wonderland Ball...And this is how it went

I am overwhelmed, staggered by the night, how it all went and how many people turned up! The generosity of everyone raised more than 10k for Alex!! I have just started blubbing again writing that figure, I am so amazed by the support, the dedication of those who organised it with (well, more like for!) me.

Alex's further Rehab is So vital, and that 10k will help in huge ways to ensure he gets therapies he needs.

I literally have no words for how incredible the night was, it was hugely emtional for so many reasons.

There's a tour of the night, some of my favourite pictures.

Alex and I can never thank you enough- we hope his, my smile, and the fact we got to dance together, the sheer delight on our faces is a visual 'Thank you ' to you all...

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