Sunday, 9 December 2012

#PAPS Diary of a Benefits Scrounger...


Righteo, my bestest blogging friend in the whole wide world ever, is Superamazingmum.

We have discussed the fact that these days most blogs are trawling through endless reviews, a bit like constant adverts and no's a shame, we're losing the passion for writing it seems... But what's this? Superamazingmum has set up #PAPS? So, we check out blogs, find one we enjoyed, for the fact it's not a review, and pimp it.

Here is the one I am pimping,

Because reading it, I keep up-to-date with the world I now find myself in.

Because the blogger writes coherently, unashamedly about real issues in Britain today, about real people who when we live a 'normal' life, we forget about and imagine exist miles away, not in our own back yard...

Because it instigates emotion and the want to take action. It's emotive and inspiring...Please give the blog a read...

And listen to real people and real issues of people with disabilites.

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