Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dear Alex, Beautiful love

Beautiful Love

Just hours it took for our whole world to change,
You weren't going to make it
Weeks till doubt lifted.

Strangled and frightened
I race down the beach
Pleading with God to save you,
keep you in my reach.

Wedding ring I give you day-in-day-out to hold,
Broken and lonely not knowing what would unfold.

Ten years we lived, we laughed, we cried, we built
Children blessed and devoted love
Our life's patch work quilt.

Just hours it took to rip you away, that life,
Love as I knew it,
And forged a diligence to our wedding vows.


And my beautiful love, our beautiful love
I watch it grow more in every way
The bud that is you inside
Nurturing it everyday.

Oh how I have loved you,
Loved you coma deep,
Unable to move,
Unable to speak.
I have loved you through anger and pain,
Loved you through loss and a soul strained
Loved you through searching for how to continue,
Loved you through hating what it had all become
Loved you through daily battles, fears, anxieties and 'I really can't go on'

And I will love you for eternity,
Until our battle's won.

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