Friday, 5 October 2012


What I would really like to know is what about the people who DO NOT get heard? Who do NOT have a voice, the chance or the access to being heard?

Let me explain,

Yet again, I found out something else shockingly catastrophic to Alex's recovery this week.

For those unfamiliar with how the system works, this is how Alex is assessed for future care.

The Centre he is in at the moment put in their recommendation to the 'Continuing Care team', which in Alex's case is further re-education which is crucial if Alex is to regain physical strength, faculties etc.

This is NHS funded if he qualifies, which he did, for it, if need is assessed as great enough. if not it is means tested, but in this case he qualifies for NHS treatment.

I heard that the continuing healthcare which Alex qualifies for (rigorously tested, filling out a 54 page extremely intricate and complicated review, a meeting with the person who presents his case to the Continuing care board, accompanied by oodles, months worth of paper work justifying the answers to the questions in the assessment FYI) is refusing to fund anything more than a Care home for Alex.

This decision means Alex is 'stuck' in the centre he is in at the moment, as he can't come home- I do not have a home he could live in, so is therefore effectively homeless. The therapies in the Centre he is currently in will be significantly reduced because his official discharge date has been passed (3rd October).

The NHS will not fund further 'fast track' rehabilitation for Alex!

This time, however, they are not going to know what has hit them. I WILL not stop until Alex is not written off, a statistic they will not fund because of basic funding issues.

Alex has the right to a future, to support and care and therapy. He has a right to be given the chance to recover.

A father of 4 young kids is being written of at the age of 33, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN as long as I live and breathe.

It's a breach of human rights to deny him this.

If I have to chain myself to the doors of the Powers-that-be who decide Alex's future for him, I WILL! And I'll bring the kids too...And anyone else who will join me!

I have a voice, through here, through the blogging community. But mine is not a unique case, how many more are out there being denied a future? How often is this happening? Who is there to hear them? I am determined, somehow, this will change. Where do I start? I don't know, but I will damn well find out and give people a voice!!!


Recent developments have attracted again the force of the blogging community, amongst others, to come To see more of how people are getting behind this.

I am off to polish my chains ready for 'chaining myself to the door for Alex' amongst a few other things I'd like to do before I am 35...!

THANK YOU for listening, THANK YOU for your support, THANK YOU for re-posting, tweeting, sharing...

And don't forget to go to Alex's website to find out more:


  1. Unbelievable, outrageous! They should take the trouble to meet Alex and witness how he has defied the medics and made amazing progress. Appropriate care, love and treatment is obviously the key to progress. Always willing to do whatever is needed. Jane

  2. Appalling! We are all here with you, and chaining ourselves alongside you.

  3. Been following your story, is it possible to look at the European Court of Human Rights, article 8, the right to private and family life. Maybe it will help with the council and care system....