Tuesday, 2 October 2012

An Interview with Tamsyn Wood

The 'bloggosphere' may sound like another made up universe my 4-year-old might have come up with in the bath high on matey bubble bath, not to those who blog it wont, but those who don't, let me explain a bit, a really tiny bit.

When my benefits were cut off, and I had to shout long and loud and lots, the people who joined in were my blog friends, it's a community out there that unless you are a part of, is very difficult to explain! There is such a force behind it, such support and it was through my blog friends getting behind me, that I was heard and it got as far as the BBC Oxford news.

The power behind the rising forces of fellow-bloggers, parents, was like nothing I have ever witnessed, it took off and got me what I needed, a voice and to be heard.

As a result of this there has been interest in the rest of my story, not just the S.O.S benefits crisis.

BABYHUDDLE.com took the time to come and meet me, were kind enough to let me ramble for what must have felt like hours to them! And then cleverly edit the majority of waffle, and create the interview I have put a link to here:

I want to say here a HUGE thank you to them, as I know the effort that has gone into this, I am so touched by what they want to do aswell, and as we all saw in my S.O.S post and getting heard, Alex's story to be shread regularly and farther afield, means you would be giving him the chance of getting the funding he needs for making progress...

Please take a moment to read this link on BABYHUDDLE, and watch the video too, and please.please share in anyway you can...THANK YOU.

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