Friday, 12 October 2012



Many of you are aware of my story already. If not, you can go here to read how Alex’s accident happened initially.

Since, life has been not easy (understatement!), and is made worse by navigating a system which, whilst trying to support my now severely disabled and blind 33-year-old husband Alex, and our four kids aged 4-8, has made the situation even more traumatic.

Tonight, via BABYHUDDLE.COM we are standing up for what is right, gathering signatures from everyone on a petition that we the people, whoever or wherever we are, will send to George Osborne.

Imposing a proposed 10bn cut in the Welfare system when there is a clear need to support the sick, ill and genuinely dependent is absurd.

This sends the wrong message to those who DEPEND on this, and genuinely depend on it. This is not a message or a cut we the Democratic public have agreed upon or suggested. We would most certainly suggest other ways of preventing this cut, budgeting in other areas (are your expenses (MPs) really that necessary, for example?). There needs to be input from US the people, that's why we put people such as you, Chancellor Osborne, in power- WE did that! So listen to US! We must ALL take responsibility somehow for the state the country is in.

Although I am the example being quoted, this is something I feel SO strongly about, having seen and living out what it means to be in a dependent place and not having the means (not lacking the motivation or drive) to go out and earn a salary to provide for a completely dependant husband and 4 small children.

Mr Osborne, DO NOT MAKE THESE EXTREME CUTS, but budget elsewhere.

SO many will suffer, so many real life, genuine cases, families, elderly, sick and disabled people will suffer.

WE cannot stand by and let this happen.

PLEASE SIGN the petition on HERE,

PLEASE share the link

PLEASE be on TWITTER at 8.30 to help launch our Twitter campaign tonight…(you can have a glass of wine and do it, we don’t mind!)

Thanks in advance for all your help, come one peeps lets see where we can take this!!

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