Monday, 10 September 2012

JOHN HOWELL MP how do you answer that????? DAVID CAMERON- my letter is in the post.

THE MP story- JOHN HOWELL: my reply can be read at the site below, but this is how it went:

 Dear Mr Howell,

I gratefully received your personal response, something I did not get the first time I wrote to you. It is a shame that it took BBC news coverage to prompt this.

You spoke in your response to Thame of ‘setting the record straight’. As this was your goal, I am pleased also to have that opportunity.

Back in April when I did indeed contact you, my email explained in-depth the situation my family found itself in. I also, yes, asked for financial and possible housing routes for help on this front also.

I still do not have the latter of these issues resolved, and have only had one of the cut off benefits re-instated after quite some work on my part, whilst juggling visiting my husband in hospital and four children’s needs.

In my email to you I also expressly said that, and I quote from my original email:

“I have been in touch with a representative from the South Oxfordshire District council housing association who is trying to find suitable accommodation for our family’s needs (ceiling hoist, wheelchair access, four bedrooms, disabled bathroom, ramps) and as private rental (housing benefit) has a maximum limit of £800 p.c.m this is an impossibility.

The other route being explored is a council house that is already adapted although there are none of these available at present and no indication as to when one would be available.

I now find myself in a desperate situation – financially and otherwise.”

My email highlights, quite clearly, that I had already gone down the routes I should have done and was emailing you at a loss as to where to go next, in the hope that you, as my Parliamentary representative, may be able to guide me and take on my situation with more than a dismissive email of a few lines, re-directing me in the direction I had already been down - which I waited over two-weeks to receive I might add.

It has also highlighted your huge lack of empathy for my situation (which is not a run-of-the-mill cry for help, rather genuinely in need of support and help) in a person who represents the Government we, as a democratic society, has voted in to run the country, with the confidence in our local MPs to be the people, in cases such as my own, who will stop and listen to the cries for help, and want to offer guidance and support to their constituents. My email was clearly not thoroughly read by you, as your response clearly shows.

In your very privileged position of being paid extremely well (plus enormous expenses claims), I am now as a result of my plight, sitting and wondering how this is justifiable in your eyes, when, people such as myself, battling to keep afloat in the benefits system, last week I was down to less than £10 in my bank account with the powers-that-be happily leaving me to provide for a severely disabled, blind husband and four children under eight with no benefits and STILL no adapted house for my husband to visit comfortably.

Why would you not take the time, Mr Howell, to listen more carefully to my desperate plea for help? Why did I have to wait over two weeks to receive a reply from someone who works for you, when my case I marked ‘urgent’?

So to set that record really straight, Mr Howell, it’s not as simple as you made your response out to be, you did not help, the advice was a route I had already explored, hence contacting you as my local MP, and I feel a lot of people will be asking the same questions as me as to how you can justify not putting the time or effort into the people who implore you to help, when your very position, your job is there to do that, surely?

As I say, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to respond. And as you sit there working out your expenses claims, maybe you could calculate in the time and effort I have had to put in to get your attention?

AND btw, any shares/twittering as the other day, support will be much gratefully received!!! I am ashamed to have MPs such as this representing our Government- If this is what the example is, there's no hope for any of us....

DAVID CAMERON please take note, letter in the post to follow. Thank you.

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