Friday, 2 September 2011

Will I be blogging or snogging tonight???

Esmie, in preparation for school has been going round all week with her back pack...

Esmie makes scelotape bracelets around my hairy arm (which was NO fun, the taking off, which she did too...)whilst we watch part 2 of Monty’s Star Wars Lego battle, Mitzi is whistling what ever tune is in her head, clicking her fingers and driving a Strawberry Shortcake moto round the ships refusing to believe it’s ‘dead’ when Monty slays it several times with Lego light sabres, Esmie sits on Alex’s back, and Lola and I scelotape together 2 buggies to make a double decker, which nearly left me in tears in the effort. Half way through, I smell burning, not that car this time (we are not insured …It is being done in stages, this battle of the Galaxy, the second round consisted of yet more baddies facing brave goodies. This went on, again, for hours, and several times we thought it had ended and so let out ‘hoorays’ and ‘woops’ for the ‘Goodies’ winners. We were wrong each time, but finally, it was over. And we all sprint off, thanking Monty and cheering for the winners. Round 3 will be held at 1.30 tomorrow afternoon he informs us all in escape…watch this space.

Buster is dropped off at the airport today, it’s time to go home…I was really upset to say goodbye to him, Alex and I are feeling very homesick at the moment, missing our friends and family over in England so much. But when I get back in (much later on, I had decided to go to the park after, let them loose for a bit) and I see a rather large letter for me! Hooray! The tax rebate has arrived! About fooking time, they’re quick enough to take it off you, hey? I open it eagerly, I could do with some good news, the insurance does not cover our BBQ fired up explosion, fire damaged car, we are gutted, but what can you do? *takes a step with giant spikey shackles which is insurance ‘small print’ trips up and breaks face, and oh guess what? I took the step, so I am therefore not covered*. I mean what’s that all about…  Really…is there NOOOOO effing justice? We did not deliberately make our car look like we were a weirdly aged selection of joyriding pyromaniacs? Life is, how it is…so, oh yes! The letter, so having burned out the car, not insured, yep this was it, number 3 in the depressingly accurate theory of ‘it all happens in threes’, I see before my tired, sad, beaten down eyes, a it was a speeding ticket for 90€ and a point on my licence. As if?!

So you can imagine how Maria from sound Of Music’s ‘I’m on top of the WORLD!!’ attitude, was not flowing out of me the hills alive with the sound of music…I had been extremely emotional after dropping Buster our nephew off at the airport, the kids have ADORED having him here, as have we, we miss you Buster! Drained, too, after the park, and everyone managing to do themselves a mischief, which I always predicted in mummy advance, and offered the ‘oh, dear dear, but I did tell you so…’ sympathy afterwards. So having Esmie standing here, in front of me as I write, she is looking up at me flip flops on wrong feet coz *that IS how it goes actually mummy, tut, eye roll*, pyjamas, necklace, ankle bracelet, arm bracelet, cap on backwards, marmite all over her chops, gargling milk, and giggling at me then dribbling it too, I am a little fatigued of nonsense, and would like her in BED please. Right, I am back, I have no idea how many more times I will see her till I threaten her with the caravan. I actually did it, at the very end of my teeny frayed tether, I told her she’d go in the caravan if she carried on running around out of bed, she got shut in the caravan for 1 minute, and she never got out of bed again, well it worked! And now she hears ‘one more time, and you’re in the caravan!’ and she stays put. So there you go.

I am now off to hang out with my man who has been away 48 hours too long working, and has just asked me if I will be blogging or snogging tonight??? Never been asked that one before,

See you tomorrow,

Tamsyn x *takes hubby up on offer…*

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  1. Gosh some manic times you've been having, speedy lady! I would ditch the blog for a snog, occasionally! Hope you enjoyed!!