Saturday, 3 September 2011

10 Things I learned From This Week...week 5

This week, I am doing a '10 Things I Have Learned from the Summer Holidays'...As it is back to school on Monday, I felt this would be an appropriate theme... so here goes...
My dad, his best mate Donald (best not to ask) and the kids in awe...!

1 That what does not break you, DOES make you stronger

2 That I am excited and VERY nervous! To be diving into the world of the unknown and starting work (extremely part time, but still, first time in 8 years, so can’t be a slow enough breaking in)

3 That I am GUTTED another Summer holiday has come to an end, and I have 2 kids in ‘big school’, and my last one starting. *starts plans to have triplets, husband leaves, leaving ME the burned out car*

4 That family REALLY counts.

5 That kids ask INSANE amounts of questions, about EVERY LITTLE BLOODY THING THAT YOU DO OR SAY…

6 That Summer holidays fly by for us, but at kids’ age, it’s soooooo long, half their lives…(And half of ours is taken…)

7 That you can make chocolate chip cookies almost every single day with 4 kids, sometimes more, and still be alive at the end of it. *breaks human strength and mental endurance boundaries, wins a donkey YEY!*

8 That life is full of s***, but amazing if you strive to see it through, always being honest and doing your best.

9 That I am COMPLETELY unprepared for beginning work next week, having spent till 1 pm most days in my pyjamas (yeah, as if you’d have the time or the inclination to change either), it was buried in my ‘most least likely of being addressed with this lot around’ pile.

10 That, given you have been reading my blog these holidays, I hope you all appreciate my dedication in writing it!!! ;)

 See you tomorrow for Thought For The Day,

Tamsyn x

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