Monday, 19 September 2011

Polar opposite responses from male and female in times of pain...

I was soooooooo looking forward to my first cuppa this morning. It was one of those ones that you end up scorching your mouth and tongue, but you do NOT give a flying rats arse, coz you damn well NEED it. Anyway, I take a sip, scorch my self internally, third degree internal burns is never what you want to be beginning the day with, especially my days…At this exact moment in time, Alex sneaks up behind me and gives me a giant bear hug, sending the scorching tea flying all over me and the sofa cover I was busy refitting on the sofa, just washed…As if? This was gonna be a good'un today, obviously. 7 am and I am internally scorched, burned tongue, and externally sopping wet and burned, outfit one of the day down, taking OFF the newly fitted on sofa cover to rewash. Oh, whilst I am getting kids ready to go to school.
I know love, that's all I wanted too...

Anyhoo, the day progressed and I in fact, had a reasonably productive day, all things considering. Esmie now goes to school, runs in, smiling, LOVES it! And with 4 kids going to school without clinging onto you like a baby baboon, crying and screaming, school morning run now is a positive joyful experience. I even managed to go to Monty’s school meeting on the right day at the right time. I was on a roll. At the ‘any questions?’ point, I put my hand up, the teacher laughs and says it’s not actually necessary, but you know, old habits die hard, hey?  I express concerns about the language side of things for Monty, we are English, speak only English in the house, and Monty now reads in English. I was thoroughly reassured, when the teacher said you could not tell. Whoopee! Although this year seems to be a very serious year, and the grammatical side of French bypasses me somewhat, I speak it fine, but I have never actually had any grammatical base to go on, so how the hell can I help my son? Well, we shall tackle that when it comes to it, and see what the outcome is…?!

Esmie at Easter time, other happy days...!

I went to my first ever car boot sale in France today, they never seem that appealing, French other peoples’ rejects, can be pretty, erm, special…but I went with a friend nonetheless, and I bought up huge bags of these wooden fish mobiles…since, I keep giving them away, it was an insane impulse buy, can honestly say this, I have NEVER done before. This,  I regret, I am inundated with wooden fish mobiles, with no places to go. So they are getting ‘given’, and to all my friends who have kids’ birthdays coming up…you know what they’re getting.

The other day, Monty walked into a door, no really, he actually did! In real life, and this is actually what he tells people, and I can tell you I have had some ‘oh really?’ comments, quizzing eyed responses. I took my ‘ oooooh my poor baby, ARNICA!’ and cuddle tack, whilst Alex whoops around high fiving him (I was waiting for chest pumps, flinging Monty against the wall and breaking his arms off or something, thankfully, high 5s was as far as it went) going ‘YES! My son has his FIRST black eye! Nice! Put it here boy’. I think Monty was somewhat bemused, and in that moment saw the starkly random polar opposite responses from male and female in times of pain.

There we go, we have our friend staying at the moment, and I have just fed the whole small army I am cooking for, chick pea burgers (honestly, proper good, recipe going up Thursday) potato wedges and cucumber…I had, unfortunately momentarily lost the will to live by the time the ‘oh s**t I have not done a vegetable to go with it…’ moment came, so cucumber it was.

Monday morning approaches, French administration approaches, life goes on, and more stuff will no doubt come up, but I am a lioness, no really, I resemble a small fluffy gerbil, internally, but I am going to be a lioness in my own mind and body roaring around, literally, at school, in the shops, on the roads, roaring I shall be…Think of the kids…

See ya,

Tamsyn x *ROARS loud, in practice, hurts feeble throat, now lost voice, lioness plan, aborted*

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