Saturday, 24 September 2011

'10 Things I Learned From This Week...' Week 10!

1 Making a belligerent 3-year-old spit out the stolen sugar LUMPS (plural) out of her mouth out of principle (well, stealing is stealing), is not worth it, the ‘stick’ (well, stickiness, for those who think I may have beaten it out of her bearing a stick) on the floor was wrong.

2 I am in fact in LOVE with Mr and Mrs Washing-machine, genius couple!

3 I have had headaches, insomnia and racey-heart all week, exhausting! No WORD of a lie.

4 Wishes DO come true!!!! Camille (the love of Monty’s life for the last 3 years), has told him that she has fallen back in love with him, 3 days after he made the wish! *starts wishing, donkeys, lottery, number 5….?!*

5 Life is testing, FULL of ups and downs, lefts and rights, hills and puddles, you just gotta wade on through, climb on up, and believe in your own strength.

6 That my husband is AMAZING! Well, that was already a given, but a reminder to him from time to time does not go amiss….

Did you know this? That the dot above the ‘i’ is in fact called a ‘tittle’ and I like that word!

Childhood is PRESCIOUS, you only ever have it once, we as parents have the responsibility of making sure it is preserved this way (within our limits!).

9 That I am veering towards a pygmy Shetland pony as apposed to a donkey (my faithfulness wanes… )

10 I love writing my blog, is does absolutely keep me insane, I mean sane.

Well, that's it folks, hope you are far more learned now! See you all tomorrow!
Tamsyn x

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