Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Parents’ worst nightmare...

Well Monday was WICKED! There was the town fete thing all weekend, we have been punished every evening with the most horrendous music billowing through the trees and over the hill and down to our house, sung by strangled cats on Diazepam, FRENCH strangled cats on Diazepam…it’s just too awful, an assualt to the ears, covers of French pop songs, is there anything, really in this whole wide world, that could possibly be a worse experience? No more sitting out in the evenings, Alex and I feel like we have walked into a Karaoke for the French ‘let out in the community for the day’ brigade. 

A  picci of some of the biscuit making kids here the other day...The others had snuck off to eat chocolate crumbs out of the wrapper...

Despite this, today was a day they had HUGE inflatable things, water slides and a spectacle and sweets and coke (-a–cola) for the kids..then home time, yeah thanks. Sweets, then coke, then told it’s time to go home, in one fell swoop. Parents’ worst nightmare those 3 things together, in that order. My friend suggests we all go back to hers for a bit. She has a beautiful house and lots of garden space for the kids and a swimming pool. So this seems a good option. Esmie comes up to me, we are sitting by the pool letting the kids do their *watch me mum, watch me, mum, oh no not that time, hang on, I’ll just do it again, are you watching, mum, mum? Are you…’* thing, and I half listen to Esmie as I follow through with her request to ‘pull off my arm bands’. With out thinking, I hadn’t listened to the end of her request, she’d been happily jumping in the pool armbanded up. Her request had been to ‘take my armbands off so I can jump without them. Calling her to come back from the ‘swim pool’ without her armbands, she shouts ‘WATCH!’ and jumps in…I of course leap out of the chair, take off my shoes, and go to jump in, when I see I can just grab her arm, and save drenching myself in my clothes, mascara running everywhere, creating a black gulf stream in my swimming pool. Any way, this was an event spared. However, after the incident, I turned to my friends and asked them why the hell I had taken off my flip flops. Just before I nearly jumped in, through my head went the thought ‘you must first remove your flip flops’ how mad’s that? I am still completely baffled as to why I did this? Can anyone enlighten me?

So another late night for all concerned, I gave my other friend and son a lift home, and rolled in at 8.30 pm, to have a mini heart attack as Alex rises from the outside sofa…he’s doing out door work at the moment, and had fallen asleep an hour and a half ago, when he got home and found he had no key! At any rate he gave me the fright of my life rising up slowly and bleary eyed-good job it was my husband, I have 4 kids in the car I plan to set on any Burglar...

I have some of my favourite flowers growing in the garden ‘Cana’ but I have no idea what you call them in English-hang on *google translates* and voila: they are, in English ’Canna’...tricky. Here’s a picci:

Now, they are ever so pretty, and worth chopping off their petals with scissors apparently. I see the de-petaled flowers which had only blossomed TODAY strewn upon the floor. Esmie is nearby, scissors in hand, cutting the grass now. ‘Err Esmie?’ I call her, she walks over, ‘yes, mum?’ ‘well, look, I have just found all the beautiful flower chopped up on the floor’ ‘Oh.’ She looks surprised (hmmmm) I continue, ‘well, who did it?’ shrugs, ‘it was Lola’ Lola is standing right next to her, and denies the accusation, she is believed (obviously) Esmie then blames Mitzi, then giving up, goes ‘OK, it was the chickens’ really? To which Lola butts in, ‘Well, errrm I don’t really think that it could have been Esmie, coz chickens do not have fingers to hold scissors, they only have feathers, so t couldn’t have been’. Esmie is insistent however. The chickens did it. She is so convinced of her own lie that taking the scissors off her makes me feel a bit mean. But to be fair…!!

So the mystery of the flower cutter is unanswered chez us…On an exciting note, it’s Esmie’s 3rd birthday in a few days, our nephew will be here, so it’ll be a lovely family do, and Minnie mouse themed!! Planning the cake now, it takes some planning, I can tell ya!
Ezza in costume...she wore it ALL day and will be till school, and even at school, she informs me!

So see you tomorrow, if you dare return…

Tamsyn x *Minnie mouse cakes, Minnie mouse cakes, Minnies mouse cakes, Minnie smouse aches OMG*

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