Wednesday, 6 July 2011

*turn away polite people* (no one turns away)...

Oooof, I have just come back in from doing exercise in the rain, I figured, to be honest, exercise was better than sitting weeping on the sofa. I am a bit like that each time of month, so I have started counter attack procedures. Since the kids are a bit bigger, and more ‘self sufficient’ I have become more aware that I exist. So therefore, eating well, and exercising (occasionally) are imperative! So there you go, just thought I’d share that with you.
Get me, really testing myself...I did skip too, I will have you know, and roly polied, and did a medicine ball work out too, so I impressed me!
So far the hols have been BIG FAT BRILLIANT FUN! We’ve had nice weather (despite the little outburst of rain, which was fairly random actually), been out and about, and even the boring chores going to appointments and the like went smoothly-I had to pop round to a friend’s to drop something off, and then was running on to a few other places to drop forms in etc-she offered to keep the big 2 whilst I ran errands with the little 2..I know! Someone actually offered to look after my kids! I quickly rifle through her documents, and find out a ‘certified sane’ certificate, and all is well. She’s not mental, she is just kind…! So I set off, and it was a bloody lot easier I can tell ya! I had everything achieved in a reasonable amount of time, taking away the tractor following, chugging away ignorantly to the next farm field to plough, streams and streams of cars backed up round down to Spain. Why do they do it? It makes me ANGRY! Pull over you mental farmer dude, can you not see the world chaos you’re creating here behind your rusty trailer going at 8 MPH, DOWNHILL???? *turn away polite people* (no one turns away) F*ck*ng country life b*ll*cks…
See, here's the evidence, they're even taught it in 'etiquette in  driving a tractor school'
Esmie was just stood before me, having been pottering around her bedroom for the last ½ hour, re-dressed. With ‘clocky shoes’ on. Can somebody please tell my child that bed time is that, not dress up time, not running around time, lifting everything and throwing over everything that I have not yet nailed to the floor…it’s BED TIME!!! I know I should sit up there, put her back in her bed, shhhhhhhsning and not saying anything. But that requires tolerance, patience, and valuable evening, kids are in bed time. Where I write my blog, to please you lot. You see? I am a martyr, I do it all for you! So get your asses over here, and sit on the top of the stairs doing the shhhhhushing and replacing please. Thank you. We have a caravan FYI, so you can sleep out in the wild garden, and be woken up by nature, in the form of boccings and quack, flap at dawn flappings, if you want to…? Have a think.

The pond in the garden is coming on, we painted a sign saying ‘Duck Pond’ with a rainbow and stuff, which was the best ever, coz they got paint on the grass (who cares, it mows…) and then jumped straight in the swimming pool to wash after, as they painted in their pants! This, from now on, and from here on in, forever more shall be how painting is done chez us…so the sign’s nearly finished, and I am painting a little white picket fence to go round it! I want donkey gnomes FYI. I was looking at the pond, 4 lil ducks flapping aboot, thinking I’d like to get some fish to go in there too. Then after a while of thinking, the thought process began at 11 am, and was not fully terminated in full till around 8 pm, when the kids went to bed. I realised, getting fish would be like an ‘all you can eat’ buffet for the 3 cats….even Lola’s birthday sleepover was probably a better idea than that!

After a chocolate cake making sesh...BATH!
Right, I’m off to make a pair of trousers into shorts, and have a bath, I need it, I did my ironing in the garden, iron on extension lead, in my bikini today! It was hot, to be fair, so I multi-tasked, and bronzed at the same time as ironing, is there no limit to my skills? It's to be hot tomorrow too, Get in!

See you tomorrow,

Tamsyn x

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