I run outside, but it’s too late. .....

Friday was…emotional, my word! To say the least. I found out the class Lola would be in, and she is in the class of the teacher I do not like much, due to the fact she hardly speaks instructions to the kids, she prefers to scream them at them all the time. Lola is a very sensitive little thing, and I am worried that it’ll upset her and inhibit her…She has also been put in a class not with her 2 best friends, they have been best friends for the last 3 years, inseparable, and she is not with them. Tonight, she’s gone to bed in tears, which has made me cry, because at the end of the school year, when I am so conscious of time flying by, she cuddles me sobbing going ‘I don’t want to go to big school mummy, I want to stay at my school, and with my Maitre, I’m scared…’ I kept strong (I was a gibbering wreck inside), reassuring her of everything, then broke down on the way down the stairs like a Robin Reliant after 15 miles…a mess I was…My baby, now on her way to bigger school. My boy a few steps away from joining a boy band ;) (please see earlier blog to appreciate humour), my 3rd going into her last year at little school, and my last, starting school. It’s all too much.  *busies herself with Time Machine building activities*

Lola about to blow out her candles at school with her Maitre...
This evening was proceeded with the school outing for Monty, which I was accompanying. Why do I keep doing it?? I nearly gave myself a hernia in semi squatting position, hovering beneath children balancing precariously on ropes from trees, attaching, detaching hooks, flying down things, wobbling frantically, although they were hooked on, I couldn’t help myself but run round underneath them all giving instruction and holding my arms up reassuringly ‘in case they fell’…exhausting it was…I am still not sure if I survived. And then, after we spent the morning doing that, we went on a walk after pic-niccing-which reminds me, I only went and left the effing things at home…after all that.

Minnie is out in the garden having a big flap. Giant flaps, if truth be known. They are loving the fact they can fly a bit now, and show off, flapping vigorously to demonstrate. Hold on, that reminds me *runs off to make Gynaechologist appointment* . Well no, she does like having big flaps, this is true, but I made the Gyno appointment up for laughs. Moving on, I have duck wing clippings to tackle this week. They shall flap no more. Well, they can flap, but they cannot fly, otherwise they’d be off and we’d be sad, and plus, I think they like it here now. They fully *get* that one does not have to sit an interview and display all signs of normality across the board. We are who we are, and just are, here. So their acceptance was swift, although I think they’re the most normal of us all, apart from giant flaps issues…

Unfortunately, late last night, there was an incident chez us. I did not get round to wing clipping swiftly enough it seems...It’s about 11 pm, and the window’s open, we’re watching the fight between Haye and Klitschko..No really, we were! See, 9 years, and I have been finally ground down, I am sat there dutiful wifey watching a fight! Anyhoo, there’s a few big flaps and a quack quack quackety quack outside the window- the road side. Oh God, a duck’s p*ss*d off. I run outside, but it’s too late. I have not yet ‘Youtubed’ ‘How to clip wings of ducks and other animals’ and thus, the not yet clipped wings, can still flap and fly away…Mickey was gone. Minnie was devastated, and still so, hanging her head in sadness all day today. So I set off down the road to my friend’s to get another duck. I have come home with 3 more! So, get this, I managed to convince my kids to use the names I wanted originally, well, I bribed them with chocolate, did ‘super sad face’ and told them it was so unfair they never wanted my names, if truth be known. But I don’t care, coz I got MY WAY! And we now have Minnie, Daisy (getting less mousified, and more duckified, goodo) and, *druuuum roll* Posh and Beaks (I am too funny). Yey for overruling your own kids! Score, MUMMY! Anyway, they were all reunited, and Minnie heard their quacks coming from the car, ran out of her little pond, quacking madly, to greet them…It was TOOO cute! (they are all sisters in fact)

Wooooooaaaa you is scarey....
There’s bells and all kinds going off upstairs. Talking of beating (in a winning way) your kids, this is not the case with Ezza. Yes, it is gone well passed bedtime, yes the midnight wanderer is still at loose aboot this hoose, and I want her to GO TO BED!!! I am off, first proper day of the hols tomorrow-and loads of errands to run…BOOOO. Oh well, I am sure I’ll live to tell the tale!

See you all tomorrow,

Tamsyn x


  1. More animals? You definatly sure that's what you need? Glad you got your way with the names though! I like Posh & Beaks, and who cares about a bit of bribery as ling as you got your own way..... I always find sad face doesn't work on my 2 but throwing myself on floor screaming tends too! Nat


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