Sunday, 30 January 2011

music I want my kids to listen to…


 ok, I promised Becky over at that I would do this, and I have dilly dallied on the way, but I have finally got here (sorry it took so long Becky!) here we go ...

music I want my kids to listen to…

Mozart. Oh yes, good old classical music. When I was a child, able to sit on my hair, NHS glasses, knee high white socks under ankle length tartan-pleated  skirt (stunner, I hear you all cry, and you’d be right…),  I used to play the piano; Mozart often featured in my repertoires (amongst other such classics, such as Bach, chop-sticks, and that duety one: der der der dun dun der der der dun dun der did op dop der der did op dop der der dun dun dun der der der dun dun…doo di doo di doo di doo doo di doo doodoo doo doo…remember that one? No? oh well, if we ever meet, I’ll play it for you) moving rather swiftly on, Mozart, classical music, music written by musical geniuses. Music, which is our heritage. A different age ago, when computers, internet, indoor toilets (!) and Britney Spears did not exist. It’s history, it’s beautiful, it’s fascinating the narrative within each melody. It has actually been proven too, that it activates babies’ brains, and they are actually more intelligent as a result. IQ’s that surpass Eintein’s…(ok, I made that bit up).

Mozart was a musical genius, intelligent, when we are babies, how do we learn about our world? To express ourselves? To speak? To communicate? All through our comprehension of sounds… you see where I am going with this? Music is at the root of it all!

Second up….drum roll please…Reggae, in particular Bob Marley. He was a reggae prophet. His lyrics, pure poetry, full of depth and meaning. He sings about love and life and our roots. I believe wholeheartedly that art, music, the muses are there to set us free, help us express ourselves and to rid our bigoted and ignorant tendencies. I want my children to grow up loving everyone (within reason, not sure Hitler particular warrants being loved…), being able to express themselves and listen. I genuinely feel Bob Marley was a man to follow. I want my kids to be aware of the depths around them, their depths and understand their soul, of their depth inside…that it’s not at all about what shoes/clothes etc they have, it’s their inner wealth…this will be a constant battle as they grow up, I realize, they are exposed to so much contrary to this from day one. How can we talk to our kids without them thinking we’re telling them what to do? Give them music…

Stevie Wonder. What a dude! What a fantastic lyricist and song writer. So listenable to (well, I know I made that word up, but there is actually no word to describe that. Audible? Doesn’t have quite the same ring. I love the song: Master Blaster, Jammin. I am having a little boogie right now all by myself …and humming…

As that was all getting a bit deep, I hereby add the Jackson 5, great fun, love it. It is tuneful, mellow. Fun, dancy, you can just have fun, that’s cool to do! And music is also just straight up entertainment too…

And just check out the ‘fros….! WICKED!! LOVE ‘EM!


  1. I love Bob Marley and still do to this day, Stevie Wonder is another iconic artist I adore. I brought his best hits albums when my oldest was born, and I remember dancing around the kitchen with him, when he was a baby!
    Jackson 5- My favourite song is 'Oh baby give me one more chance..' Great music. Great post!

  2. Amazed to see that Boney M is not on your list! lmao

    A great mix for your kids there. Mich x

  3. A superb mix of tunes right there - love it!
    Heather xx

  4. thanks guys! 'too late to change the time' is my jackson 5 fave!! they RULE!! and damn it, that i forgot to add boney m!!