Thursday, 2 December 2010

I did something awful today..........

My the kids grow quick…….blink and you’ve missed it. Mitzi, my 4 year old is pretty small for her age, bless her, but even she is growing (!), as I keep elbowing her in the head. She is obviously at that right height! As there is no school on Wednesdays in France, which is extremely cruel when there is rain, rain, and more bloody rain, indoor activities are endless, and I try to (although not that successfully I imagine) entertain the kids whilst collating shops’ publicity at the same time. Never an easy one, and I usually end up burning things; I heat milk up for coffee, always burn it, forget about my rising bread and leave it for hours, rather than just a half, I forget where I’ve put things- I found my car keys in the fridge after an hour and a half of looking for them- what a waste…..! And on opening the bin, I found I had also thrown away 4 socks and a pair of knickers. Lucky I chuck bits of stuff away 5 thousand times a day……..

I did something awful today, I left pooh on the shopping trolley. To be fair, I had no choice. One of the kids was on the rail that goes round underneath, and had obviously trodden in pooh. I noticed as I was putting the trolley back, my dilemma was that, short of using my coat or my bare hand to wipe it off, I had nothing to wipe it with, and I do draw the line somewhere. I rammed the trolley in, grabbed the token thingy and with my head down, which is my posture anyway at the moment with the rain that is endless, I sprint back to the car. Sorry next shopper……. The next time you find pooh on the bottom of your trolley, think of mums like me, and forgive us!!

As we get back to the house, I realize 2 things, 1. I left the oven on, (how bad? luckily there were just burned potatoes in there.....could have been worse) and 2. I locked Alex out in the rain. He was in the house however, I reckon he has a secret tunnel in the garden, he has possibly been digging this for months without me knowing, as one day…one day, he will be able to make his escape………(lucky b*stard)! Well I cannot, there is no return for me (I try not to take up position in the corner rocking forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards…….). This rain, were it to go away, would definitely make my life a whole lot easier. I was cheered up though today, as first thing this morning the kids come down the stairs shhhhhhhsing each other, Monty comes in first and announces he has something for Alex and me, and for the girls, whereupon he pulls out an envelope, takes out the card he has made, one for us, one for the girls, and proceeds to read what he has written. One of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed as he addresses the girls, ‘dear girls’ and tells us all he loves us so, so much …..! He is potentially prepping us for a list of Christmas presents he wants, but even still, how cute!!!

Well Monty is learning Spanish at school too at the moment, and I find it all rather worrying, he was coming out with phrases at the table, teaching the girls, and I was lost……not a good thing your own child being able to speak a language you can’t, not that I am a control freak or anything (?!)…..but it definitely is a handy starting point to understand the words coming out of your child’s mouth…….!

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