Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I could do with a P.A (any offers?!)

I sat down yesterday evening to be interested and “share” a moment with Alex, watching surfing………..the girl presenting had obviously not conquered the art of not moving your eyes when you read from the camera roll, and her eyes went frequently a bit cross eyed in attempts to read without appearing to be reading. Poor girl. But I sat through another surf movie regardless. Big up for the supportive wife! Actually I have to say I do love the fact that my husband surfs. I would rather that, than he was  “oot wi lads” at every verse end! So I cannot whine, well not today I can’t, he hasn’t been!

As I have continually been either pregnant/breast feeding/both since meeting my husband, past times for me are exactly that, a thing of the past! I love to paint, the evenings used to be my time to do a few things like that and to have time with Alex, but now it has come about that collating leaflets is my evenings’ past time…….woopidoop. But as needs must, and the fact that I still get to be around the kids, it doesn’t stop me being with them, or doing the House, school thing, so for that I am extremely grateful. Although this week, I could do with a P.A (any offers?!) I seem to have so much to trawl through. Surely I’ll succeed this week??

The kids are permanently filthy, I strip them when they come in from school, and everything goes straight in the machine. I did this tonight and, without realising, had accidentally managed to get my scarf (I rarely take clothes off when I come in, time and coldness contribute to this) caught in the door of the machine which had clunked and gone on to start it’s duty…..I nearly garrote myself as I stand up to walk away, then dread sets in, I am going to have to press “cancel” then I will be obliged to wait for the cancel to take effect, and two whole minutes later, release my scarf, thus releasing myself……..I was left bent there, flustered and in a wild state of panic, the washing machine is in the garage, no one can hear me shouting……. For a whole ½ minute, I am left there, and then I realise something, I could probably just take my scarf off, and retrieve the scarf later, at my own leisure……….

All day today I have had a chicken (Margo) acting crazy. She hopped into the car with me, every time I got in the car she would do a flappy flying leap splaying herself in the driver seat and later refusing to get out of Esmie’s car seat when I was rushing around trying to pick up kids, I have shooed her out of the house on numerous occasions. She has even been pecking me………nasty b*tch….! My friend at school informed me, when I recounted Margo’s behaviour to her, that she was obviously going to lay an egg, and that by the sounds of it I would have to “induce” it. Uh, uh, nooooo way, nothing and no one is going to make me interfere with a chicken to help it lay an egg………No thank you!

Although extraordinarily proud, I was also astonished to hear Monty (7) ask me tonight, as I tucked him in and gave him his good night kiss, if he could have a maths’ test tomorrow……………and in one fell swoop, right there, I doubted he was my son……..! Swat! Love it.

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