Monday, 6 December 2010

And from here on in, I shall be taking ‘Makeup Lady’ to the shops every week……superb!

With all the complicated paper work that there is endlessly to do….I have enlisted the help of a ‘Social Assistant’, who are people in France that help….wow. She is fab, and has been a huge help, which I have told her on many occasions (trying not to burst into tears as I a little too enthusiastically shake her hand (not a French sport…)), and she looks at me a little weirded out explaining she is just doing her job. Poor girl, didn’t know what had hit her when I walked through her doors! Anyway, she has obviously found her way of sending karma back round my way in the form of ‘Makeup Woman’, which is how I refer to her, although I think she must too, have a name….! The other day I received a call from a slightly desperate woman, informing me of how she had just moved here, how she knew no one (I told her it probably wasn’t worth getting to know me……but she babbles on regardless) and she had no car, no job, a son and couldn’t get to the shops…….O.K, so here’s where I come in, she wants me to take her shopping in Bayonne (15 minutes on a good day from here). I do not shop there, 1, and 2, who the hell is she??? She tells me that the Social Assistant had given here my number……..So I hit her that hard??! None of what she was asking I minded about, it’s good to get out I find…….! And it’d be, different with someone else in the car, rather than the usual 4 little voices…! So I tell her to stop crying, unnecessary to be fair. And from here on in, I shall be taking ‘Makeup Lady’ to the shops every week……superb!

Another week has gone by, still no eggs from me chooks, and I await patiently the day when they will come good…….I can smell the roast coming on………I briefly chatted with the Land Lady the other day who had popped by to check out the chickens, Margo, Meg, Majrorie and Molly, I was saying how I hoped the feathers around their necks would grow back soon, (it's sooo ugly., not a good look to look like one has a disease...sorry girls!) and I learned something; apparently they are bred specifically that way, to have no plumage around their necks, as it makes  it easier to cut their heads off…!!!!! As if?! But it appears to be true! The vegetarian chicken owner has a special breed of chicken that have featherless necks to make chopping their heads off more easy. Fantastic!

We had a lovely family trip to “Planetkidz” on Sunday afternoon, and we came back with the fully tired out kids, whey hey! The dog we have been looking after for a few days, “Pashtoun”, went home today, which I am pleased about, as I had to clean out the gunk from her eyes 6 times a day, which made some work I can tell ya!

The week beckons, and I am sat here freezing my bits off, waiting to find out what this week will bring……..

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