Friday, 24 January 2014

Dear Alex, A wonderful Day!

Puppy therapy!

Dear Alex,

Walking in the unfamiliar room in the Centre where you are at, I again, have no idea what may be said or the outcome.

It is a Multi Disciplinary Meeting, where most who are involved with you at a professional level meet and discuss with me how you are doing and any issues, any positives, and questions and so forth can be aired and examined. I have my agenda, some issues with a few things, and am eager still to sort out your medications and reduce them all so you are on nothing. The tranquillisers have been totally eradicated now, Victory! And we are now decreasing the epileptic medication slowly and surely. Soon, Alex, you will be drug free, all being well! This is extremely exiting news for me as most of the major side effects of all the medications you have been on up until present can present in agitation, aggression, drowsiness, confusion, imagine being free of all these! I also have always strongly felt that your brain, now damaged, has a heightened susceptibility to medications, the Neurologist is fully behind this.

First bit of good news.

Then they go on to say they feel they can do a good deal more with you, and would like to keep you in for a further 5 weeks and reassess then!

I nearly leapt out of the chair! I am so happy, to hear positives, to hear they can do more with you, that this is not as far as you will get, that even this far down the line, they have hope and feel you will still improve! Coming from the professionals, who usually take a very guarded, negative approach, this is incredible. Everyone is amazed at how well and how quickly you have settled, and you are doing so well.

On a high from the meeting, I arrive home tonight to a phone call, I cannot divulge all yet, but there is a major fundraising event coming up in May and it is the biggest thing yet to have happened to Making Waves for Alex. It is thanks to a generous, wonderful, kind-hearted couple and I will be able to reveal more over the next few weeks!

This is the best day I think I have had with you, and the best birthday you have had, as it has drawn remarkable positivity both on fundraising and progress you will make.

I am in bed, puppy and Esmie lay next to me, I type and I smile tonight.

What a wonderful positive day!

Happy Birthday my gorgeous man!

Me xxxxxxxxxxxx

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